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If you are coming to study in China it is a good idea to learn some Chinese before you arrive. This will help you a great deal in your daily life from ordering food in restaurants, organising your accommodation and also in your relationships with Chinese people, and will also give you more opportunities for working in China.

There are many other reasons to learn Chinese. There are more Chinese speakers in the world than any other language, and being able to speak Chinese allows you to communicate with Chinese speakers which is great for travel in China, business, and your career, literally opening the door to a whole new world of opportunities.

Learning Chinese is also a lot easier than many people think. The grammar is quite simple and straightforward, and there is no verb conjugation. The numbers are also very logical. Beginners will often find that they can get to a good Chinese level very quickly.

A good way to test your Chinese level is by taking the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), the Chinese proficiency test. Read more about the HSK and new updates to the test coming March 2022 here!

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How can you learn Chinese before coming to China? There are many online one-on-one courses, group classes, and HSK courses to help you build a good foundation and improve quickly:

When you are in China you can take classes at your university, or you can enroll at a local private language school. You can also try to find a language partner, and you can teach them your language in exchange for Chinese. You could also hire a private teacher. In Beijing, you can find teachers on websites such as thebeijinger.com

Read more about course options for studying Chinese here.

You can read more about recommended resources and tips to learn Chinese on our Learning Chinese page here.

How To Search Chinese Programs:

7 Best Online Courses
Study Chinese in China Guide

Top Chinese universities and language institutions in China are offering some of the best online HSK programs to help you pass the HSK with excellent scores.

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