University Accommodation in China

Depending on the University, International Students can choose to live on campus in University dormitories or off Campus.

university accommodation in china

University Accommodation – On-Campus Dormitories

Typical University accommodation is good quality by internationals standards, the price can vary according to the University from 450 RMB per semester at China University of Political Science and Law, to 80-150 RMB per day at Beijing Language and Culture University.

Universities in China have been going through a period of development and investment and there are more and more newer dormitory buildings.  Universities will have a range of rooms from single to shared rooms, and some with showers and toilets in that room, others will have toilets and showers shared by students on the same floor.  The internet and water fees will usually be included in the price. Below are some pictures of Beihang University accommodation.

Some Universities, such as UIBE, Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University have limited space for international students and can’t guarantee accommodation for international students. In this case it can be difficult to book accommodation. It can also be difficult to book accommodation because they will not accept bookings in advance, and rooms are allocated on registration.Normally it isn’t possible to stay in the same accommodation as Chinese students because international and Chinese students are separated, but if you want to have more opportunities to practice Chinese, you can request to live with Hong Kong or Taiwan students.

Advantages of Living On Campus

The advantages of living on campus are that you can be closer to the University classes, you will have less time to travel to University, and it is usually cheaper and easier than trying to rent an apartment yourself.

University Accommodation – Off-Campus Apartments

If you want to stay off campus you will need to organise apartments yourself.

It is normally a good idea to book a hotel for the first few days when you arrive so you can recover from jetlag, and to give you some time to adjust to look at a few different apartments.

You can do this by looking online on a website such as if you are in Beijing, or other similar websites.

You can also look for apartments by going through nearby estate agents. Sometimes the University will recommend some to you, or you can go and visit them yourself. It is often a good idea to bring a Chinese friend to help you if you can and who can give you advice and help you to make a good choice and negotiate with the estate agent.

Apartments in student areas will normally go at the start of the semester so it is a good idea to look early and arrive a few days before the start of the semester if you can.

Normally apartments from agents are available for 1 year so if you are here for shorter you will have to pay more, or you can sign the contract for 1 year and then try to find someone else to cover the cost after you leave. The cost of living in apartment can be cheap, but it depends on the area and size.  Finding a roommate on a website such as a good way to lower the cost.

Before arriving in China

If you are looking for private accommodation we suggest that you book a hotel near to the University for the first week so you can have enough time to look at a variety of apartments.

You can normally find decent accommodation near to the University on, or

You can search on below, just type the University name in full below.

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