Pre-Admission Letter for Chinese Scholarship

If you are applying for a scholarship it is sometimes necessary to get pre-accepted by the University. This means that they will provide a letter which says you have already been accepted and if you are awarded a scholarship you can use this scholarship to study at their university. You can then use this letter to support your scholarship application.

We can help you to apply for this letter, the process is the same as applying for the University as an independent student. It is necessary to send all your documents and we will then submit to the university to get your pre-acceptance.

We can review your application documents before for free and give you advice before applying based on our experience and knowledge. The service fee for applying for the pre-admission letter is $150 USD and it is not refundable. Because there is a different process for applying for a Ph.D. at some Universities please note that this is not available for all Ph.D. students – please check with us first. It can take 6-8 weeks to receive this letter and sometimes longer during busy periods. The pre-admission letter will then be scanned and sent to you by email.

To apply please complete the form here upload your application documents, and contact us at with your application ID, we will then check your application before you can pay the $150 USD application service fee.

You can read more about scholarships in China here, and about our application service here.


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