China Internship Program

Introduction to the Program

China Internship Program provides a great opportunity for international students to have a deeper understanding of the economy and corporate culture in China, one of the fastest growing economy and most booming market worldwide. This is a wonderful opportunity to come to the heart of China and take an internship in real Chinese companies. You will get the firsthand experience not available in the classroom.

Top tutors of professors, experts and entrepreneurs will introduce the current development status and the prospect of China’s economy through 6 cutting-edge topics concerning commerce and economy. Students will participate both individual and comprehensive simulated training in groups, and visit enterprises to experience a real corporate culture, acquire commerce and market disciplines, and grasp the procedures and methods of business activities.

If you are interested in an internship in China, make sure to read the guide here.

Zhenjiang Information

Zhenjiang is located in the southwest of China, Jiangsu Province. It has a long history, beautiful sceneries, and a pleasant weather. Zhenjiang is a famous historic and cultural city in China. The scenery reminds of a magnificent painting of the landscape.  Zheijang offers a real authentic China experience, a typical Chinese city which is expanding rapidly.

Thousands of years of history can be observed in the Xijin Ferry Street, which delivers a unique style of architecture. It resembles a natural history museum. Compared to cities like Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, Zhenjiang has a more simple and quiet Chinese flavor, also known as the “Oriental Romantic Town”. Zhenjiang provides a rich offer of Chinese language and culture e.g. if you walk in the “Three mountains”, you will explore “The Tale of the White Snake”, “Goddess Mirage”, fascinating legends as well as lovely poetry and acting.

About the Program

In addition to well designed courses, students will also visit the economic icons of Zhenjiang City – Hengshun Group and Danyang Glass Industry Village, where students will have a better understanding of the internationalization strategies and industrial cluster tendency of companies and industry in China, and observe and analyze the operational practices of companies with knowledge and theories from class.

Besides, with the advantage of Enterprise Training base — Anhui Tiankang Group, a large-scale manufacturing company, students will go through a 10-day Enterprise Training in the marketing departments at the divisions of Instrument and New Energy. During the Enterprise Training, a student will undertake real training, assist the company to formulate overseas marketing plan and submit the business report by the end of Enterprise Training. Through practice, students will not just be familiar with China’s economy and corporate culture, but also develop team spirit and analytical ability.

Finally, in the program, students will development Chinese Language Proficiency in listing, reading, writing and speaking. Chinese culture experience activities will largely broaden students’ horizon and enrich their lives in China.

Program Timetable

Application Deadline

June 30th

Start Date of the Program


Duration of the Program

3 weeks


For information on the accommodation at Jiansu University visit the accommodation page here.

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