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Sun, May, 3 8:00 pm

HSK 4 Pass-Guaranteed Free Trial Class

Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC)


We are inviting you to attend Tianjin International Chinese College’s (TICC) HSK 4 Pass-Guaranteed Free Trial Class on Sunday, 3rd May 2020, at 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Beijing Time). This trial class will let you experience the Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC) HSK 4 Pass-Guaranteed class setup and there will also be a Q&A for the participants at the end of the class.
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Free Trial Class Details

  • Topic: HSK 4 Pass-Guaranteed Free Trial Class
  • Teacher: Mr. Lucas Wang
  • Host: Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC)
  • Date: Sunday, 3rd May 2020
  • Time: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Beijing Time)
  • Location: Online (Link will be sent through email before the event)​

The Agenda

8:00 PM – TICC Introductory Remarks:

8:05 PM – HSK 4 Pass-Guaranteed Trial Class Starts:

Lucas Wang, Manager & Lead Teacher, Tianjin International Chinese College

8:50 PM – Introduction of the Class Setup and Q&A with participants

9:00 PM – End

About the Speaker

Lucas Wang
Manager & Lead Teacher,
Tianjin International Chinese College

With 14 years of teaching experience and over 8,000 teaching hours throughout his teaching career, Lucas is very experienced at teaching Verbal Chinese and HSK Test Prep courses. The passing rate of HSK Level 4 for students with Lucas is a full 100%.

Lucas is a Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages major and graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University. As a believer in Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT), Lucas puts an emphasis on the approach of scenario studies where he uses real-life scenarios to engage students in the class. Lucas is one of our most liked teachers by our students!

About TICC

Located in Tianjin, the fourth largest city in China, Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC) is a private language institution fully accredited by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. The college offers Chinese language and preparatory university programs, and issues study visa (X1/X2) to students worldwide. Our college has several national research centers including Chinese Language Testing Research and Development Centre, National Verbal Proficiency Testing Centre, Overseas Chinese Language Assessment Centre, and Global Chinese Lecturing and Learning Platform.

At TICC, we strive to provide the best learning experience to our students, whether they come here to pursue higher education, conduct business, or just visit friends and family. We offer various programs such as survival Chinese, business Chinese, Chinese for juniors, test prep for Haiyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), and Chinese culture course. TICC is proud to be considered as the first stop students will make when they come to live or study in Tianjin, China!

As an international language school, our students come from more than 30 countries including America, Russia, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Colombia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe…

Why Join the Online Chinese Class with TICC?

There are several reasons why you should be joining Online Chinese Class taught by TICC. The current epidemic situation shall not hinder you from mastering Chinese language skills.

  1. Easy – just sign up to the 1 month, 1 or 2 hours per day, and see your Chinese level accelerate rapidly!
  2. Affordable – sign up to 1 month of classes and take classes for as low as 25 RMB ($3.5USD) per class!
  3. Fun – Group Classes – join a community of other learners and make friends!
  4. Receive a Certificate – receive a certificate from TICC which you can use to give your employer or apply for scholarships

You can choose to take classes according to your HSK level, and sign up for 1 month at a very affordable price. The classes are professional teachers with years of solid experience.

The classes are Challenging – study projects to improve your Chinese class and all students are encouraged to practice speaking during the Online class. They also have an outstanding Passing Rate – overall passing rate for HSK 4 and 5 are 100% and 98% respectively. It is also flexible – easy access to classes wherever you are because it is an Online class.

Testimonials from Students

Many foreign students have benefited from taking Online Chinese Course with TICC. Read their testimonials below.


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TICC HSK 4 Pass-Guaranteed Trial Class, 3rd May 2020

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