China Scholarship Application Starter Service

With an increase in foreign students applying to China, more and more students would like scholarships. There are an increasing number of scholarships available. While many students make mistakes on their applications and do not hear back, and many of the scholarships go unfilled each year.

Please note that scholarships are only processed for September intake, and spring intake is not available.

Starter Service

  • Pre-Admissions Letter
  • Free Consultation with our Advisor and application support
  • We will help you to apply for the pre-admissions letter. This letter will tell you that you can be accepted to the University if you receive a scholarship. You can use this letter to apply for scholarships yourself.
  • We do not guarantee that you will receive the pre-admissions letter from the University, but we will do our best to increase your chances.

The fee for our Starter Service is $150 USD


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