China Scholarship Service – Apply Now

To apply complete the steps below. You will then receive a confirmation that your documents have been received and your application is being processed. Please make sure to read the information about our scholarship service carefully here.

1) Apply Online

Apply Online here and let us know your application ID to and confirm that you would like to apply through our application service, and willing to pay the service fee, so we can review your application.

Our team will review all the applications together each week before choosing eligible candidates for our service to proceed to the next step. We will then send you a contract which includes the terms, your chances of getting the scholarship.


2) Pay Service Fee

After we have pre-approved your application, we will send you the contract for approval, please sign the agreement and send back to us. You can proceed to pay the application service fee here. You can pay by bank card, wechat, bank transfer, western union, alipay, or paypal.

Please do not send the payment until you have signed the contract. If you do, we will refund the money to you, but there may be some third party transaction costs associated with refunding the payment money to you.

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