Book a Paid Call

Are you interested in studying in China? You can book a free call with us here. Our first call is free and is roughly 15 minutes.
Please note that we are not able to provide free calls for students who are looking for scholarships.

If you’d like to book additional calls or have more time with us you can book paid calls with an advisor.

This is for students who:
– Applying by yourself,
– Looking for some general advice about China or admissions in China
– If you are applying for 3-5 years time

You can then book a call with us, the price is:

– $149 USD for 1 call
– $397 USD for 3 calls

Each call is approximately 45 minutes each
It includes email support.

You can book by completing the form below

  • Please also include any programs or universities you are interested to apply to.

You can pay by bank card, bank transfer, wechat, alipay or paypal on the link here.

After you have made the payment please forward your payment receipt to and we will send you the link to schedule your first consultation.

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