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Universities are not only meant to provide knowledge to you, they are supposed to shape your mind and develop you personally in order for you to succeed. Success is something personal, for some it means getting great job opportunities, for others it means making a lot of friends, for others it may be to go on an adventure and make great experiences. Truly great universities therefore equip you with the right tools for success, whatever success may mean to you. There are a lot of great universities in China. Listening to the stories of people who have already experienced China and lived here is all the more important in helping you to make the choice which is just right for you!

Our CEO and founder Rich went to Shenzhen and met up with students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The University frequently ranks among the top 50 universities in the world. The students give us a first-hand look at life on campus at CUHK-Shenzhen.

Rich: What do you think we should know about or that foreign students should know about what the main advantages are of coming here as opposed to other universities?

Andrew: One big advantage that I had coming here was the scholarship policies. The scholarship policies are really lenient, and they tend to really benefit the international students. So a lot of internationals– I paid a fortune when I was studying back in the US. Right now it is really expensive. Right now, I don’t have to worry about finance, because this school–

Rich: Everyone gets free?

Andrew: Not everyone.

Rich: The top people?

Andrew: If you’re an international student and you’re competitive enough with your English test score, or your test score such as SAT, or GPA, your high school GPA. I don’t know how it works in England.


Convenient life in Shenzhen and great campus atmosphere

– Andrew guiding Rich through campus

Andrew: I think Shenzhen is a pretty cool city once you explore it. I went to Shenzhen Bay two weeks ago. The sunset there was beautiful, at the Shenzhen Bay area the sunset there was really magnificent.

Rich: Are there any beaches?

Andrew: Yeah, there are a lot of beaches

Rich: How much is it to get around? It’s a lot cheaper, isn’t it?

Andrew: I remember how I spent 15 pounds on a 10 minute trip in London. Yeah so compared to that, it’s really cheap, the price of living. You can also use an app that allows you to order food from outside, outside restaurants. That still is ridiculously cheap compared to the price of living.

Julius: So when you’re very hungry at night, you can just order food. Then they will send you to the food if you don’t want to go out, usually they’ll send you here. You can pick it up very easily here at the campus.

Rich: Could you tell me about the colleges? How does that work?

Andrew: Basically, the colleges operate separately and each floor has a tutor or a warden, who is taking care of you and taking care of the building per se. They often host their own events. So over here, we had the Chinese New Year event. There’s a multi-purpose event there, and we had a Chinese New Year Event. We also have some cultural experiences.

Julius: Basically, they manage their own college.

Andrew: And host events. In Muse last week, there was a dumpling making party.

Julius: They teach people how to make dumplings and share dumplings. It was pretty nice.

– Julius showing Rich the canteen

Andrew: On the third floor, there’s a pool table, small, gym, and study room. Third floor colonnade. Laundry is usually on the top floor.
Julius: They have a kitchen on each floor, a place to prepare and eat food, with a refrigerator to keep food.

Andrew: For Shaw, all of the buildings are divided between female students and male students. Whereas for ours, Muse, male students and female students share the building, but they just have separate floors. So all of the colleges have different policies regarding their student living.

Rich: Which one is the best, or are they all good?

Julius: I think it’s all good.

Andrew: I think usually, students get randomly assigned at their arrival. You could really switch, like for example if you have a really inconvenience coming back and forth from upper campus to lower campus, you could probably request. But I don’t know if it’s a high percent.


Rich: They’re all quite similar?

Andrew: They’re all quite similar. The rooms are similar. There’s also like a sports event.

Julius: Every college, they compete with each other.

Andrew: There’s like house cup.

Rich: That’s very unique in China. You don’t get that at other universities.

Andrew:  Yeah, yeah, that’s something. A lot of local students first are like what are colleges? They get aware of it, and then they know that it’s a pretty cool system. It kind of gives you a chance socialize at first, because you don’t know many people. But you go to those events and start making friends. It’s kind of hard, because you have to be studious here too. When you’re not studying, it’s good that the school is providing some kind of opportunity for social hangouts.

With a blink of an eye, you are in Hong Kong!

Valentina: This year, we will have the high-speed train. I don’t know how to say.

Andrew: Oh really, high speed?

Valentina: From Shenzhen to Hong Kong. It will be 15 minutes.

Rich: Have you guys been to Hong Kong?

Julius: I went there many times already because I have some friends in Hong Kong, so whenever I want to go out with them, I can just do it on Saturday and Sunday, because it’s free.

Julius: The thing is for us, we can go to Hong Kong and go back easily. While the students in Hong Kong cannot go to Shenzhen, because they need to get a Visa.

Rich: You guys don’t need a Visa?

Julius: We have a student Visa for China, so we don’t have to make another visa to go to Hong Kong.

Andrew: It makes it easier for you to travel around China too, because if you’re in Hong Kong, you wouldn’t be able to travel around China as much. A lot of exchange students here last semester, they just travel around China during the breaks, and they just came back to campus to pick up their stuff. It’s a pretty good system, I would say.

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