Updates on China Admissions’ Platform: April 2022

This month, we have many new updates on the China Admissions platform! Our goal is always to give students the best service and the best chance of admissions to your dream program. Please read the new updates carefully, and comment if you have any questions for us!

1- Apply 20 Days Beforehand

It takes an average of 10 days for students to complete the application documents to apply. We will close the deadline 10 days before the deadline.

Please make sure to apply at least 20 days before the deadline to ensure there is enough time

Why does it take 10 days to complete the application documents?

  • The university may request extra documents from you
  • You may need to correct some wrong information
  • You may need to translate your documents into English/Chinese
  • Chinese universities do not accept late applications

2- Only International Students Can Apply

If you are a citizen of China (PRC), Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macao, we cannot help you apply. These students have separate application processes and must apply through the universities.

If you are a citizen of these places, you should look on the university’s website to find information for your application process.

If you are a former Chinese (PRC), Taiwan, HK, or Macao national but now hold a different citizenship, please click here.

3- CSC Scholarship Students Apply Independently

If you will be applying for a CSC Scholarship (Chinese government scholarship), we cannot help you apply.  The CSC scholarship applications are handled by the relevant Chinese government authorities, so you will need to prepare for the documents and submit them on your own.

Why? China Admissions and other agencies cannot process CSC applications because they are under the according Chinese government organs.

If you want to apply to a CSC scholarship, we have all the information you need here:

4- Students currently in China

If you are currently living in China with a valid visa, you are still welcome to apply with us. However, if your visa is expiring within 60 days you will have to contact the university directly.

Why? If your visa is close to expiring, only the university can help you get a new visa in time. China Admissions is not a visa agency and has no power to help you apply for visas, give you a new visa, or give you a visa extension.

5- Service Fees Added

Our platform is always free to use and find information you need. Many universities have application fees, which you pay to cover the cost of the university processing time. We have recently added service fees to some universities to cover our own processing costs, especially for universities with complicated or difficult application processes.

There are many universities with no fees:

6- Border Closures Reminder

The Chinese border is still closed to most students. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the border will open. Though we hope it will open as soon as possible, all we can do is wait.

We have now placed a reminder about the border closures at the top of each university page to prevent misinformation.

We have a Covid Update here–I update it every week with the latest news.

You can also follow us on WeChat for weekly posts and more information.

7- New Programs Added

Even though the border is closed, Chinese universities are offering plenty of programs.

The BLCU online Chinese program is one of the best options for students to learn Chinese from a top school.

If you are interested in software engineering, UWI offers a new Bachelor’s program that is two years in the Caribbean, and two years in Suzhou, China. While China’s borders are closed, students can study at UWI in the Caribbean first.

Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
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