Tiffany from Indonesia – University of Nottingham Ningbo Student Interview

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am from Indonesia and I am currently studying at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) studying international business management.


What’s the best thing about studying in China?

Firstly, I like the food the food is really really good, the Chinese food and the people are pretty friendly.

What’s your favorite dish?

I like Huwamenzi. It is like this Gingery chicken soup with rice that’s what I like the best.


Why did you choose to study at University of Nottingham Ningbo China?

I choose this University because I really wanted to go to UK actually got accepted for several universities already but when I look at tuition fee my dad said it’s too expensive! 

So I couldn’t go to UK and so what I did I was search and search and I found this University a UK University in China which is a lot better because not only I can practice my English I can also learn Chinese at the same time.


What do you think are the advantages of studying here?

What’s good about this University, and this is also the reason I choose this University, is because it gave me the opportunity to study on an exchange program in UK. I went to the UK for full semester exchange and I was able to make friends with the UK people and understand the British culture.

What’s different between how my education was in Indonesia and at UNNC is that in Indonesia it is much more about memorising information. In the classes in Indonesia, we were told what we have to memorize and if you memorize it you will do well, but that’s not the case in this university. This university allows you to think. It allows you to practice how to think in a different way, in a different perspective. So, they give you a problem and its more like you have to solve it.

So, I think that’s what I like about this university because it allows you to be more creative.


How do you think you’ve changed since being here?

I am now becoming more open to the world more open to the people. Now, after meeting people from so many different backgrounds, I feel like I can be anywhere I like. I learned their culture. I understand them, I learned how to communicate with them because communicating with asian and communicating with westerners are different. You can’t do the same style of communicating with these two people. So I think it changed me a lot. I feel like I am much more international, I can live anywhere in the world and can see so many opportunities.


What are the facilities like in the campus?

The facilities here are great I mean the library is big there is plenty of space to study, the resources are really really good and then at the moment actually the university is still building another library.

What’s the professors like and what’s the teaching staff here like?

Professors are amazing I mean they come from all over the world they are experienced. I didn’t actually tell they have so much experience before coming to this university. I am pretty sure that the students like professors really well. I have professors coming from New Zealand from Africa from Australia from the US from the UK all over the world.

Do you think foreigners understand what China is like?

I don’t think so because many students there are afraid to come to China because they can’t speak Chinese oh my God what if I get lost what if I can’t do this can’t do that.

China is getting more International. There are more people who can speak English now than in the past so especially in this university if there are students who want to go to China but they are afraid because they can’t speak Chinese that’s not a problem because this university gives you the facility and gives you the platform like to Express yourself not using Chinese and you can speak English here because everybody speaks English in this university.

What do you want to do in the future after you graduate?

I am going to start my own business and that’s the amazing part about China because China is the largest market and there’s so many things that you can learn from such a big group of people there are so many opportunities like I really love China.

Ningbo Container Port

What kind of business do you want to start when you graduate?

I am interested in furniture so more like home design because China is also the largest manufacturing company in the world  as well I have been visiting many factories for fabrics and wooden furniture’s and they have like really really good resources here in China and I would like to bring those products in Indonesia and start my own business


How do you describe it in one word?

One word “fantastic!” I love it here!

I really recommend you guys to come here at this University, it is a life-changing experience I had the best year of my life in this University.

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