The Top 3 Online Chinese Programs You Can Start Now

As students are currently not able to come to China due to COVID-19, all international students who are outside China are now studying online.

Learning Chinese is one of the most useful skills you can develop if you plan to have a career or study in China in the future. Improving your Chinese level and passing HSK can help you with scholarships, job opportunities and succeed in China.

Here are the top 3 most popular online Chinese programs that you can take that will rocket boost your Chinese level in a few months. What makes them so popular is that they are low cost, effective and easy.

Beijing Language And Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture University is offering two online courses at the moment. 1 on 1 Classes, and Group Classes. These are managed by the School of Online Education which has been specialising in teaching Chinese to foreigners for many years.

They have written many of the most popular Chinese learning books for foreign students and are recognised as world leaders in teaching Chinese to international students.

1) BLCU 1-on-1 Online Chinese Class

The main advantage of this program is that you can take 1 on 1 Online Chinese Programs and they are really affordable and very effective in improving your Chinese.

Cost starts at $17 USD per class (the price varies depending on how many you order. With more classes you can get a discount, and there is a promotion now if you order 30 classes you and get 2 free classes.

While the price of the program is more than online group classes, there are studies which say that with 1 on 1 classes you can improve at 4x the speed of regular group classes.

You can set up a time for a free trial class. The teacher can give you a free evaluation of your Chinese level and personalised learning plan for you.

Here is a sample of the 1-on-1 sample class taken by our CEO Rich who is a student of this program.

2) BLCU Group HSK Classes (from HSK 0 – 4)

This BLCU HSK Group Program is the most popular online program right now.

The course is taken over 12 weeks and is designed to help you rapidly improve your HSK level by 1/2 an HSK level (So if you continue taking the class you can go from 0 to HSK 4.

One of the most attractive parts of this program is the cost – it is only $158 USD for the 12 week program (which works out at just $13 USD per week!)

The program will start with a 1 on 1 placement test, live online with the BLCU teacher. You will then have:

  • 12 weeks of study including 12 live classes, learning material, 12 homework
  • Question-answer under the guidance of BLCU teachers after class
  • WeChat group discussion with other international students to learn together
  • 1/2 HSK level
  • A final test
  • An official Certificate and transcript from Beijing Language and Culture University which is recognised worldwide

You can watch a sample class here.

You can read more about the program here, and get started on the program here.

You can read more info about the program here.

After registering for the program you will be able to book your first class with the teacher in the next few days. Each course needs 5 students to start, so you will be in a group of students who have the same time zone requirements, and schedule. It normally takes between 1-3 weeks for each class to start. While you are waiting you will be able to study with the teacher directly for free, until the other students join up.

Tianjin International Chinese College
3) TICC Group Intensive Chinese Class

The TICC online group class is also very popular programs. Similar to the BLCU group class, but it has a number of advantages.

We advise this program if you are interested in the BLCU classes but would like to learn more quickly and have more time available.

One of the main advantages of the program is that the cost is also very affordable and it works out from just $3.5 USD per class.

  • You can take this from HSK 0-6
  • The program is more intensive (1 to 2 hours per day)
  • You can also take this on a monthly basis, and sign up for just 1 month.
  • Fun – comes in group classes, which means a community of diverse learners and the opportunity to make friends
  • Receive a certificate – receive a certificate from TICC which you can present to employers or apply for scholarships

You can watch a sample class of TICC’s Group Class.

The fee for this program starts at $150 USD ($3.5 USD per class).

You can get started for TICC’s Group Class here.

Positive Feedback From TICC Students

“You must be interested in China and its culture in order to learn Mandarin effectively and efficiently. TICC helped me to achieve my goal; their classes are very useful for taking the test.”

– Kaitong from Scotland, HSK Level 4 271


“I was very happy to study Mandarin with TICC. I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me throughout my study. They become friends with me too and I hope to stay in touch with them in the future!”

– Lei from Scotland, HSK Level 3 Full Score


“Learning Mandarin with TICC was a fun experience for me. I not only learned the language itself, but also studied Chinese culture in a profound way. I love TICC!”

– Hongxin from Cambodia, HSK Level 5 241


Get Started

Here is a little summary of the 3 programs and their benefits, and links to get started.

                              Book a Trial                          Register Now                                   Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Which software do I use? 
–  BLCU uses Fastmeeting. TICC uses ClassIn. They are both super easy to use and you can get a link after registering.

What hours are my classes?
The classes are according to your schedule. Just let us know when you do the booking form and your classes will be assigned according to your time zone.

When can I start? 
– You can start right away. After booking you will get a link to book your trial class straight away which you can book in the next 3-4 days.

How Can I Pay?
  –  You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, wechat, alipay or wechat. The link is in the checkout after you register. Just let us know if you need any help, or you can also pay via the link here:

What is HSK? 
–  Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is the test to evaluate your Chinese level (Like IELTS for English) and is given from 1 – 6. If you are beginner you will be at 0.

Any more questions? 
– Feel free to contact us at, or by whatsapp: +86 132 4122 2181

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