The most famous tree in China

The photo of the Greeting Pine is in Huangshan mountain (Yellow mountain). It is one of the most famous trees in China and is over 1000 years old.

One of the major attractions for many international students coming to China is to check out the interesting sites and destinations, like Huangshan.

Many tourists come to see the tree, and it even has its own bodyguard. The bodyguard is there to protect it and stop people from touching.

Here is a photo of Hu Xiaochun who is checking out the tree.

“Whenever I’m away from home, for example during the time I was serving in the army, every time I told someone I was from Anhui, the first thing flashed across their mind would be Huangshan,” Hu said. “And when they think about Huangshan, the first thing that appears in their mind is the Greeting Pine.”

But he shrugs philosophically as he pushes through the crowd.

“I can only protect it, and guard its life,” he said. “What I am doing here is a unique job. Guarding the pine is like guarding my family.”

The importance of trees in Chinese Language

Do you know the Chinese word for tree? Its a super important radical that you can see in so many Chinese words. Its also super simple and easy to learn

Mù on the left is a tree. You can see trees used in many characters and it is a very popular radical. It is also easy to remember beacause it looks similar to a tree. 

sēnlín is a beautiful example of how simple Chinese can be. It is basically a large collection of trees and it means forest. 

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