Study Engineering in China – Richard’s Story at BIT

Interview with Richard, A student at BIT

Richard:  Hey, this is Richard Magezi from Uganda.  I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at Beijing Institute of Technology.  I’m in my third year.

I joined BIT in September of 2016 when I first came to China.  I can probably say I’ve experienced more good than harm for the past years I’ve been here.  I’ve been in China for three years now.  I’m graduating next year in June 2020.

Studying at Beijing Institute of Technology has opened up a numerous opportunities that have come my way.  Firstly, I was doing an internship at a gaming company in Beijing, China.  And I was an English translator, interpreter for the company for a period of like two or three months.  It was a great experience.  I got to know how the system works.  I got to know how these games are made, what the progress is and how they benefit from it.

Studying in China has its positive and negative side.  For me personally on the positive side, I get to know and gain more knowledge about the Chinese tradition and culture including the ways of life and the daily experiences.

On the negative side, I think I have been spending too much time with other foreign students. I think I need to continue on working hard on my Chinese language and take myself out of my comfort zone to make more Chinese friends.

Currently  I’m doing a part time internship at a football academy called Inter Milan Academy, Beijing.  I’m a football coach for the kids under six, under eight, under ten and under twelve.  This has opened up a great passion for sports among the kids and a greater experience for me in my life in China.  I’m grateful for these opportunities because it leads me to my way of life, it leads me to my profession that I see in the future.


I’m grateful and I’m happy for every opportunity that came by while I’m studying, while I’m pursing my Bachelor’s Degree in China.  It’s a great chance to showcase your talents.  It’s a great chance to explore different things and get to know different traditions and culture because BIT has opened up new gates for us international students, exchange students.

And pursuing your goals and careers in a different land away from home is also a bonus because you get to understand different aspects of life and how things work outside your home.

Richard at the bund in Shanghai

Lastly, I would like to thank BIT.  I would like to thank the Embassy of Uganda.  I would like to thank the friends I’ve made here for enabling me and pushing me through this journey of BIT.  It’s not been easy but the support has been great.  I want to thank my family, too.  I want to thank those involved in who I am and where I am right now.

I want to sign out and say God bless you all, focus on and achieve what you want to achieve.  Don’t be afraid to dream and good luck.

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