Study Chinese Language at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou

Are you interested in studying Chinese in China? You can seriously consider Zhejiang University.

Studying in Hangzhou is attractive for students coming to China. Not only is Hangzhou a beautiful city
The location of Zhejiang University is based close to the beautiful west lake.

Studying Chinese in Hangzhou is also cheaper than studying in Shanghai or Beijing. Hangzhou is only 1 hour from Shanghai by bullet train which means you can easily travel there for weekend trips.

Hangzhou is famous as being a beautiful city, and the University is also ranked in the top 5 in China.

Hangzhou is famous in China for a high quality silk and longjing tea. You can find the most beautiful silk clothes in Hangzhou. You can also try the following dishes:

– West Lake Fish
– Shrimp and Dragon Well Tea
– Stuffed Pancake
– Jiaohua Chicken
– Dongpo Pork
– Deep-fried Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Tenderloin

Find out more about studying Chinese at Zhejiang University here.

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