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We are pleased to introduce the information about Beijing Foreign Studies University admissions, programs, and ranking.

Beijing Foreign Studies University(BFSU) is located in Haidian District, where gathering a number of capital universities and a lot of high-tech industries. It is located at North Xisanhuan Road and divided into two campuses – the West Campus and the East Campus. Its total area is 492,000 square meters. BFSU possesses superior location and and convenient transportation. BFSU equipped with a group of renowned faculties with high academic level, rich teaching experience and strong professionalism. BFSU innovated talent management mechanism and comprehensively improved the level of faculties. There are 1,269 faculty members and 165 foreign teachers from 54 countries and regions.

About BFSU

Founded in 1941, BFSU is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is one of China’s top universities listed under the “Project 985” and “Project 211”, both comprising top universities in China. It has a long history, the largest number of professors, and complete schooling levels in China’s higher education institutions. BFSU is one of China’s oldest language universities , teaching the biggest number of languages and offering education at different levels. It offers 115 undergraduate majors and 98 types of foreign languages now. In 2017, BFSU successfully entered the list of world-class construction universities and first-class construction disciplines that is Foreign Language and Literature. According to the annual report of BFSU graduates’ employment quality , by October 31st, 2017, the employment rates of undergraduate, master, and doctoral of the 2017 graduates were 94.71%, 95.04%, and 96.11% respectively.

The library is particularly impressive. BFSU teachers over 80 languages, and you can see the words of each language on the library wall.

Graduate Salaries

China Xinchou Network released the “Top 200 Chinese University Graduates Salary Rankings in 2018”. From the list of colleges and universities, the average salary of BFSU’s 2017 graduates ranked third, next to Tsinghua University and Peking University.

In more than 70 years, over 90,000 people have graduated from BFSU. BFSU now serves as an important education base for qualified professionals with language competence who, after graduation, work as diplomats, translators/interpreters, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, bankers, etc. For example, among BFSU alumni who work or have worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have over 400 ambassadors and over 1,000 counselors. BFSU is thus known as the “Cradle of Diplomats”.

That BFSU zealously carries out international exchanges and cooperation is one of characteristics in BFSU. It adheres to high-end leading and overall promotion of international school-running ideas, communicates with universities and academic institutions in 83 countries and regions around the world. It has signed more than 480 inter-university exchange agreements, and has established substantive cooperation with many famous foreign universities. It has hosted 23 overseas Confucius Institutes spreading 18 Asian, European and American countries, which is the top one in domestic universities.

QS Global Education Group released the 2018 World University Rankings, which included a total of 965 colleges and universities. A total of 63 colleges and universities in China have been on the list, and BFSU entered the list, ranking 32nd among the selected universities in mainland China.

The most popular programs in English are at the Business School, and the Law School

BFSU has also opened the South China Institute in Foshan City in the south China.

You can learn more about BFSU and apply here.

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