6 Best Student Experiences in China!

China is one of the best countries in the world to visit. With its rich history and culture and ancient civilization, China is a top destination among foreigners and international students. In fact, the majority of student experiences in China are positive.

There are many words to describe China, but if we could choose two, it would be BIG and IMPRESSIVE!

China is the fourth largest country in the world by total land area. It’s also one of the most populous with a population of 1.404 billion. For this reason, there’s no shortage of amazing destinations in the country.


Cultural landmarks, modern landscapes, advanced technology, efficient transport systems, and towering skyscrapers are nothing new in Chinese cities.

Read these student experiences in China and be inspired to visit the country!

6 Best Student Experiences in China

International students flock China every year for a reason Find out how students find China and why they love it here!

1. Memon Abdul G. | Pakistan | Tsinghua University

“If I look back in 2014 when I first visited China, it was a completely new experience, a big hurdle was communication. The second was food and then navigation. After a few weeks, China became a second home to me. 

The hospitality, care, and help of Chinese brothers and sisters helped me a lot in China. I was studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Everywhere we visited, I always heard praise and respect by people around China. I  would suggest all expats experience China at least once.”

2. Nicole S. | Germany | University of International Business and Economics

“Together with my colleagues from Germany, we organized an Integration Weekend for the newly arrived students from our partner university in Germany.

In total, we were 30 people travelling on a bus to a beautiful village 2 hours away from Beijing. We played games and enjoyed the refreshing air next to a lake and river. It was lots of fun! Will never forget it!”

A group of international students enjoy their day at the Great Wall of China.
3. Saina | Russia | China University of Petroleum
“I had a really good time in China and I will always remember with a smile my time spent here. My university and all the people whom I met are absolutely different. It’s an incredible and interesting country/culture.
Just come and explore China, and you will never regret, it’s definitely worth to visit!”
4. Hooriya | Pakistan | Tsinghua University

“Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime, living in China is a rollercoaster fun ride you just can’t get enough of.”

5. Caner I. | Germany | Tsinghua University

“Nothing is more gratifying than learning how to play Chinese Chess from a grandpa in the Hutongs of Beijing!”

6. 海德 | Pakistan | Tsinghua University

“I enjoyed the weekends which we spend visiting different places in China and coming back to the city after the day ends.”

If you’re still not convinced of these six amazing student experiences in China, we don’t know what else to say. China is definitely a big place with plenty of beautiful sites, but we agree with Memon (student one :D).

China’s gem is its stream of warm and friendly people who are always up to help foreigners. They are the true treasures of China.

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China is great for adventurers who want to experience an exotic, stimulating and different country. Once you come to China, there’s no going back – it’s an enchanting destination where you can discover a country different from your own.

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