Share your experiences studying in China

Everyone is unique and has their own experiences, thats why we and other students want to hear about your experiences studying in China.

There are many students around the world and in your home country who are considering studying in China. But it feels like such a big step, they have no idea what it’s like in China and they face many barriers. Do you think they should come to China?

Your story can really help them.

You will have your experience listed on our blog, and shared on facebook and social media. You can share this with your friends and family back home so they can know more about your experiences in China, and understand what China is really like!

Our AI developer has created this article builder, so you just need to answer the questions and it will create a professional article for you automatically. Pretty cool, right? (No, we won’t make one for your homework, you still need to do it the old fashioned way).

It works best if you write at least 100 words for each point. Try to write at least 3 points or paragraphs for each question.

The whole process takes about 12 minutes. After you have completed it, our algorithms will send the fully prepared professional article to you by email within 21 seconds.

Just enough time for you to learn a new Chinese character…

1Who are you?
2Why China?
3Your first day
4What do you think of China?
5What are your plans in future?
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