New Policy Change: China Makes it Easier for Foreign Students to Work in China

An official notice published on January 12th by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has made it easier for foreign students to work in China

The notice explains that students who have graduated within a year with a master’s degree or higher from

a Chinese University (or a well known university abroad) will be able to work in China and get a work permit and employment license.

This is one of a number of moves by China to help increase the attractiveness for international students to come to study in China.  The Chinese government has set a target of attracting 500,000 foreign students to study in China by 2020.

This follows on from regulation in January 2016, when Beijing set out opportunities for foreign students to take internships in Zhongguancun area of Beijing which is Beijing’s high tech area. Article is here.

This notice will make Master’s Programs in China more attractive as a means for foreigners to enter the China job market. There are many foreigners who are contacting us who would like to relocate to China to start a business or find a job and studying in China is a great way to do this, allowing you to learn the culture, language, and build your connections, which are all so important in China.

And did you know there are over 616 Master’s Programs in China in English for foreign students? Our Founder Richard Coward gave a talk on China Business Cast about this here.

Please note that you are advised to read more information on our website about these topics:
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work in chinaFull details of the new regulation

There are, of course, other requirements. In total, to be eligible to work in China and for the work visa you have to fulfil these 6 requirements:

1. To be 18 years or older, in good health and to have no criminal record.

2. To have average grade of at least 80% (B or higher)

3. Have a relevant degree or education certificate.

4. Have a job confirmation (needs to match your major)

5. A higher salary than locals

6. Have a passport or equivalent travel document.

Qualified international students at Chinese universities will be granted work permits and employment licenses.

Qualified students at foreign universities will first be granted work permits, followed by an employment license after arriving in China and obtaining a work visa to work in China.

Employment licenses for foreign graduates are valid for one year upon first arrival, with subsequent licenses being valid for up to five years at a time.

The Chinese Notice

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Link here.

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William Ricks
William Ricks
4 years ago

Hello my name is William. I am an older educator that has recently changed jobs. I went back to school to the University of Florida to learn Chinese. I have a Masters of Education degree (MA). I teach English. I am currently retired, though I work part-time. Is the requirement that you have to be under the age of 60 in order to get a work visa still in effect? Also I want to attend the summer session (2 weeks) at SWUFE in Chengdu, China. Is this application available now, and if it is, could you e-mail me one? Also how much do you charge to e-mail me one?

Ali Naser khan
Ali Naser khan
4 years ago

It is very good opportunity for foreign students , specially for south Asian students. Please let me know how can i apply for masters in a Chinese university.

my name is Abdikarin mohamed daahir
my name is Abdikarin mohamed daahir
4 years ago

my name is Abdikarin mohamed daahir. i live in somalia I was born In bred mugdisho the capital city of Somalia I 1999 i need To Get education &job and life only

my name is Abdikarin mohamed daahir
my name is Abdikarin mohamed daahir
4 years ago

my name is Abdikarin mohamed daahir I live in somalia I was born in bred mugdisho the capital city of Somalia in 1999 I need To Get education & job and life only

Ameyaw Christian
Ameyaw Christian
3 years ago

Please my name is Christian Ameyaw from Ghana. I have applied to take a degree course in jiangsu university and I want to know if I can work and school at the same time.

Richard Coward
Richard Coward(@richcowardgmail-com)
3 years ago

Not until after you graduate, can you email us at, with your application ID, we can give you further help

Arsalan Shaheryar`
Arsalan Shaheryar`
3 years ago

My name is Arsalan Shaheryar and, I am planning for China to learn Chinese which is 1 year course. My question is weather, I can do part time job or not. what are the relaxation for me?


3 years ago


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