New English Program Launched at Nankai University: Bachelor’s in Business

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, INTO and Nankai University have launched their Bachelor’s in Business Administration program. The Bachelor’s in Business Administration is a four-year undergraduate degree program taught in English. It is designed to shape young professionals, equipped with knowledge and a deep undestanding of the intricate rules of the Chinese business environment.

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The program is divided into parts designed to gradually introduce students to the dynamic Chinese and international business world. The first three semesters aim to introduce students to mathematics and a wide spectrum of general business subjects. This step is crucial in building fundamental knowledge about the economy and business environment in China and worldwide. It will also allow students to become acquainted with different fields of study.


By the end of the second year, students choose a major from the following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Electronic Commerce, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information System and Management, International Accounting, Marketing, Library Science and Archive Science. The immense variety of majors at the Business Program at Nankai University allows each and every MBA student to pursue his or her interests and further deepen their knowledge.

During their time at the Business Program at Nankai University, students learn to understand critical business and management concepts, as well as learn different ways of applying critical thinking to business issues. The program enhances the understanding of business ethics and social responsibilities and makes sure graduates are ready for the business world. During their studies, students also have countless opportunities to develop and practice leadership and effective teamwork skills, as well as improve your oral and written communication skills.

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The tuition fee for the Bachelor’s in Business Administration program is 50 000 RMB per year. Apart from Nankai University’s Financial Aid opportunities, China Admissions applicants may alternatively obtain a scholarship so the tuition would be 40 250 RMB per year.

Apart from tuition scholarships, China Admissions applicants who confirm their place on the program by 31st May 2016 also get a great opportunity to learn Chinese during a free 6 week Chinese language program, beginning on 18th July 2016. (You can also choose to have an iPad mini if you prefer.)


The Nankai University Bachelor’s in Business Administration is a widely sought after degree. Earning it can lead to a variety of positions in management in nearly any field of business related to China, therefore it will improve the graduates’ marketability in an ever-evolving international business environment.

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The added value of the Nankai Business Program is participation in the high level Chinese language course, as well as constant exposure to Chinese language and business culture. During your time at the program, you will have the opportunity to participate in an internship at an international or Chinese company based in China, which is an excellent opportunity for you to put fresh knowledge to the test in the real world. It’s also your chance to gain your first real working experience in China and build a lasting business network for the future.

Taking part in the Bachelor’s in Business Administration program at Nankai University is an excellent way to indulge yourself in Chinese business conventions and obtain a real understanding of the cultural expectations of conducting business in China.

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About Nankai University:

Nankai University is a key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Since the school’s founding in 1919, Nankai University has successfully blended Chinese and western teaching methods to produce future leaders, top specialists and successful entrepreneurs. The university is now ranked among the top 10 public universities in China and its business programs are regarded as some of the best in the country. Nankai has developed co-operative relations with 300 colleges and research institutes in over 40 countries, making it the ideal starting point for students wishing to study Business at a top university in China.


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