Majid from Pakistan: PhD in NPU with Scholarship

Majid is from Pakistan and studied a PhD in Software Engineering with a CSC scholarship at Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU in Xi’an, and we are excited to share his experiences with you!

NPU is a top-rated university in Xi’an with a reputation for friendly, accessible services for international students. As Majid’s story will show, the NPU faculty and students are extremely welcoming! With a wide array of courses and more new options each year like this semester’s new English Foundation Program, NPU has something for every science and technical-minded student.

Xi’an is a beautiful city to study, and it used to be the capital of China in ancient times. It is also a key city along the Silk Road!

Why did you choose to study in China?

My decision to study in China was based on the amazing academic facilities, global standards of education and research, friendly Pak-China relations, and above all, the love and hospitality of the people of China. China without a doubt has become a second homeland for the people of Pakistan. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor project has further strengthened and promoted our bilateral relations, opening windows for education, research, trade, economic and social exchange. I am convinced that China is the best place for studying international law for Pakistani students.

How did you go about researching and applying to China?

In my search, I looked for the best universities with high rankings and renowned faculties, learning the procedure to apply for China Scholarship Council. After reading about the faculty and the school’s research achievements, I shortlisted The Northwestern Polytechnical University. I was inspired by the research of Professor Zheng Jiangbin at the university; I sent an email to him requesting the acceptance letter, he appreciated my work and granted it.

What was it like arriving in China?

Thereafter I started making arrangements about travel to the university. There were many questions: What to bring along with me? Where to buy the airline ticket? And so on. On Sept 13, I flew from Lahore Pakistan to Urumchi, and then Xi’an. I reached the Urumchi airport at midnight. It was like entering a new planet, where I had no contacts or references, nor was I familiar with the local language.

What do you think of China?

At first, I felt like a fish who’d jumped into a dry boat, trying to find a way out. I reached the university an hour after leaving the Xi’an airport, but couldn’t find where the international students’ office was located. After asking many local students, none of whom knew about the ISO, I found two Chinese students, also from the software school. At last, someone from my school who can also speak English! They tried their best, taking me to two or three offices but they all said, “Sorry, you are in the wrong place.” They took me to the school afterward, carrying my baggage by themselves the whole way. They were very caring, responsible, and cooperative. After talking with the staff, they took me to the dormitory in the car of a staff member there. They didn`t move from there until I found the card to my room, and even after that, they asked if I was OK or still had any questions. It was touching to be helped in such a selfless way.

What do you think of your University?

I wanted to study at a reputable university, with a stimulating environment as I have always lived in major cities where I can go to cafes, to hear music, to museums and sports events as part of my everyday life. The Northwestern Polytechnical University has become one of the best in China; it has top professors and is located in the middle of a historic city Xi’an, and accessible to everything. It has a strong international relations program which would be perfect for me since I have attended a diverse international school. I noticed all these things when I visited. Given Northwestern Polytechnical University’s notable reputation and history, I would be excited by the opportunity to attend such a strong and knowledgeable institution

What do you think of your program?

The Software Engineering field is incredibly broad. Another reason for choosing a software engineering career is because this field is so broad and encompasses a variety of roles related to both computer applications and systems. This enables you to work in the area or areas that interest you most.

What are your future plans? 

In the future, I have a plan to pursue a post-doctoral degree from china. because I feel so comfortable with the Chinese environment for study and work. If I will get a chance in the future to get a job in the software field in China, I will be very grateful.

Undergraduate students are welcomed in one of the classrooms at NPU.

What advice do you have for foreign students before coming to China?

Learn a bit About Chinese culture. Even when traveling for a short time, it’s always wise to learn the basic phrases of the language people speak in your target country. Get a Chinese phrasebook and learn the must-knows. This will help you connect better with the people and show that you’ve made an effort, all while helping you communicate easier in a foreign country. If you take medication, fill the prescriptions. If you plan to visit China to study in it, make sure to learn about their foreign costs and currency.


Thank you for sharing your story and experiences Majid!

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