Learn Chinese Online with Busuu

Are you interested in learning Chinese?

We are pleased to partner with Busuu.com to help provide Chinese learning learning to foreign students all over the world.

We have to learn Chinese ourselves, and we have many students asking about how to study Chinese online,

We are pleased to present the solution for you Busuu!

Busuu is an app that takes you through a number of lessons. You can learn the vocabulary, take exercises and tests, and get help from native Chinese speakers.

You can learn in 10 – 30 minutes per day by following the online program, without needing to do much thinking.

This is a great way to learn Chinese before you arrive in China, or even a fun course if you have already started learning Chinese.

The price is free for the basic version, and there is a premium version which costs around 7 USD per month.

You can download it here and order the discount here.

Use the discount code: CHINA

You can also order directly with us by making the payment

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