How to prepare your documents to apply to Chinese Universities?

Many students send us photos of passports or transcripts and the quality is not good enough. This can waste time and if the quality of your documents are not good or the documents are not clear or affect the likelihood of being accepted.

Often photos aren’t clear enough, and they look like photos. It is better if you can scan them professionally.

We strongly suggest two easy solutions for scanning your application documents

Cam Scanner 

Cam scanner is a free easy app to download, and allows you to scan the documents on your phone

You can scan it with QR code above or download it here

Notes for iPhone 

Do you have an iPhone?

The second option is that you can use notes on your iPhone – which can turn photos into professional images.

Just click + and “Scan Document”

See the video below for more information.

Make the files smaller

We also suggest you use to make the files smaller. This helps because often the files need to be less than 1-2 mbs.

The link for is here.

We hope this helps make it easier for you! and we hope we can help your dreams come true!

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