Hiba’s Experience Studying at BLCC in China (English)

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Hello, my name is Hiba I am 21 years old from Morocco and now I have been studying Chinese for 2 years.

Chinese is a language that everyone says is difficult to learn so I told to myself I need to learn a language that would allow me to challenge my abilities so Chinese was my first choice that’s why I came now to China and I am studying Chinese at BLCC.

I got my Science Baccalaureate and after that I started going to university for 6 months and I said I wanted to learn something new then I found an agency that told me that a lot of people go to China, why don’t you try to go to China as well? So I came to China and I am studying language now and I can tell you that this is the best thing I chose to do.

The best thing about China is discipline, discipline in the buss, in the Subway, in school. If you want to get into a bus, you do it one by one you insert your card then you take your place without noise or fighting or chaos. Lots of respect, no one will scream at you if you’re doing something bad, everyone is minding their own business, everyone is laughing, everyone is good, and so what I like the most is discipline.

Beijing is a very large city, there are lots of people in there but as I told you even if there are lots of people, there is discipline, everyone respects walking people, buses use cards, there are huge supermarkets where you can find anything you are looking for, but it’s a bit difficult for us Moroccan people or people from other countries, we don’t find ingredients that we usually cook with and what we usually eat, but little by little, you get used to it.

Food in China is very different because they eat a lot of rice, whereas us Moroccans, we eat a lot of bread. So when we first came here, we found it hard to get used to their food because they eat spicy, rice on breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s not the case for us, we need bread, we need something that would get us full, so it took us a lot of time to get used to their food, but now it became normal, we started going to Chinese restaurants, we eat normal, you just need to be willing to try something new, however if you’re coming here with the idea that Chinese food is not good you will never get used to it.

A new language will never be easy to learn, languages are always hard, and Chinese is the first language spoken by lots of people so it will always be difficult, and no matter how much we study it, we won’t reach that high level of native Chinese people in speaking or understanding. So, I find that Chinese language requires a lot of studying, you should be serious and not only count on language courses, you shouldn’t be scared; a lot of people say “Oh you’re going to China to study something, that’s too far”, on the contrary when you will arrive to China, you will discover a country that’s different to what you’ve been hearing, we hear that all Chinese people look alike. Chinese is hard that’s true but if you dedicate time to it and if you were serious you will master it. So, what I can tell you to sum up, you need to be motivated, you need to challenge yourself and don’t believe whatever you hear about China, take the first step, come to China and see for yourself.

BLCC in Beijing

What I want to do in the future is to work as a translator, I want to translate from Chinese to French or English, because as you know, we Moroccans can speak up to four languages, namely French, Arabic, English and now Chinese will be the fourth. So I found that translation is the best job I can do now.

Studying here in China is very serious, teachers do their best to teach you, they’re not here to play, so the whole class is serious, the teacher comes and gives the lesson, you don’t feel bored, there aren’t a lot of students in the classroom, there are 12 each one of them has the right to speak and to express their opinions, if you don’t understand something, we have an app called WeChat where you can chat with the teacher and ask him about what you didn’t understand, he can help you and explain to you just by telephone, that’s in case you didn’t attend the course. Studying here is different than in Morocco, because in Morocco, if the teachers feel like you don’t want to study they will let you be, they won’t try to get your attention, but in China it is too serious, teachers tell you that since you came to China, our goal is to teach you our language and make you fall in love with Chinese culture.

When you come to China, you start counting on yourself more than on your parents or anyone else, because when you are in China, you do everything on your own, if you want to travel, you can buy a ticket from your phone and travel, if you want to go out, you only need a bus card, if you want to buy something, everything is easy. So, you only should be familiar with Chinese laws, don’t do anything stupid and your life here will be great.

Unique, how do we say it in Arabic? Unique.

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