Global Ocean Open Courses: A First-of-its-Kind Program to Share Marine Knowledge Worldwide

Ocean enthusiasts around the world are presented with an exciting opportunity to dive into the latest frontiers in science. A first of its kind from China, the Academy of the Future Ocean at the Ocean University of China in Qingdao are offering Global Ocean Open Courses, an international program that features top-level lectures live-streamed on multiple academic platforms.

As the ocean plays a critical role in shaping our planet’s health, understanding its complexities is of utmost importance. The Global Ocean Open Courses invites the world’s top experts in marine science and related fields to share the latest international scientific findings and knowledge. With a global vision and commitment to international standards, the program offers a unique perspective on the ocean’s challenges and discoveries.

“The program involves interdisciplinary studies and focuses on deep international cooperation, with each course featuring lectures by professors from our academy and abroad.” explains Li Jianping, dean of the academy. “Through joint research and teaching, we are trying out a new model of international collaboration.”

Since its worldwide launch in July 2022, the online program has already made a significant impact attracting more than 100,000 views and participants from over a dozen countries and regions. The inclusive approach breaks previous barriers, as these courses were once restricted to domestic attendees. Now, the program reaches out to knowledge-seekers worldwide, fostering a global community interested in ocean conservation and research. Foreign lecturers so far have come from the United States, Germany, and Sweden. It currently consists of four English-delivered lectures, though aims to introduce 10 additional courses by 2025.

One such lecture, delivered by professor Xu Bochao, explored the use of Ra-226 — the most abundant radium isotope found in the ocean — as a tracer of thermohaline circulation. His insight is that the course “has played a good role in the publicity, popularization and promotion of international frontier hot spots and has contributed to the latest progress in isotope oceanography research”.

About Ocean University of China (OUC)

Ocean University of China (OUC) is a key comprehensive university with unique strengths in oceanography and fisheries. It is part of the country’s Project 985 (China’s top 39 universities) and Project 211 (China’s top 100 universities). Its motto is “Ocean embraces all streams; exploring promises reaching far.” The university aims to cultivate innovative and well-rounded talent with a strong sense of responsibility, international vision and, good knowledge in sciences and humanities. According to the ESI database, OUC is among the top 1% most-cited universities and institutions in the following nine research fields:
  • earth science
  • plant and animal science
  • engineering
  • chemistry
  • materials science
  • agricultural sciences
  • biology and biochemistry
  • environmental science and ecology
  • pharmacology and toxicology.

OUC aims at becoming a top comprehensive research university with a strong emphasis on marine sciences by 2030, and a world-class university with distinct characteristics by the middle of this century.

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Kay Marlowe

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