China Admissions Mentioned in Top 150 Edtech Companies in East Asia by HolonIQ

China Admissions has once again proven its notability in the education technology sector by securing a spot in HolonIQ’s prestigious East Asia EdTech 150 for 2023. HolonIQ, a leading global intelligence platform, annually recognizes the most promising EdTech startups in the region, and China Admissions has proudly earned its place among the top contenders.

The East Asia EdTech 150 focuses on identifying young, fast-growing, and innovative learning, teaching, and up-skilling startups from greater China, South Korea, and Japan. The stringent evaluation process, powered by data and insights from HolonIQ’s Impact Intelligence Platform, considers both quantitative and qualitative factors, ensuring that only the most promising ventures make the cut.

Founded in 2015, China Admissions has been a pioneer in simplifying the application process for international students to study in Chinese universities. China Admissions has emerged as a game-changer as it is difficult for international students to find accurate information about all the courses in China, to communicate efficiently, and to apply online to Chinese universities.

China Admissions addresses the challenges faced by international students through a three-pronged approach:

  • Inspiring and Educating: The platform creates compelling content that inspires and educates students about the diverse range of courses available in Chinese universities, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • User-Friendly Platform: China Admissions provides a free and user-friendly online platform that streamlines the application process for international students. The platform’s ease of use ensures a hassle-free experience, from browsing courses to submitting applications.
  • Fast and High-Quality Communication: Recognizing the importance of efficient communication, China Admissions places a strong emphasis on providing rapid and high-quality responses to student inquiries. This commitment to responsive communication sets them apart in the competitive EdTech landscape.

China Admissions’ recognition in the East Asia EdTech 150 affirms its commitment to innovation, quality service, and the facilitation of international education. As the global education landscape evolves, China Admissions stands at the forefront, ensuring that aspiring students worldwide can easily navigate the complexities of studying in China.

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Angel is from the Philippines and is responsible for a wide range of tasks at China Admissions to help students achieve their dreams. She is focused on boosting the company's growth presence, writing articles, and assisting with applicant screening.
Angel Tolentino

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