China Admissions is Expanding to Online Classes

We are China Admissions, an online platform for international students to study in China. Currently, we have cooperations with more than 100 universities in China including Peking, Tsinghua, Fudan, and many more great universities. We have about 50,000-60,000 daily visitors on our platform from all over the world to study different degree programs in China and Chinese language studies.

Due to the recent situation in China, we are growing our platform not just to offline institutions, but to online institutions. Online language institutes could be a great benefit to our students who want to learn Chinese starting from today.

There are many reasons our students choose online courses over the offline teaching method:

1.Time Flexibility:

With online classes, you can take control of your schedule, the number of classes you want to attend and even select your own courses.

2. Pricing

Due to the lower cost of online teaching, 1 on 1 online teaching is at least 20-50% cheaper than attending to a physical class.

3. Safety

Online classes are safe from any diseases like coronavirus as you can take classes from your home

4. Customization

Online 1 on 1 classes offer personalized classes where lessons are custom-made for your Chinese level and learning goals

5. Learning basic Chinese before coming to China

Even though most students decide to study fully English-taught programs in China, all your daily life in China will need you to speak some Chinese: starting from ordering food, ordering a cab, using e-commerce platforms and many more. Therefore, it’s a great benefit for students to know basic Chinese before coming to China.

6. Understand Chinese Culture

Chinese culture greatly differs from Western culture. It’s very important to understand Chinese culture and the way Chinese people do and value things. For example, Chinese people value connection (关系)more  than anything. It’s very important to have a good relationship in China to be successful. Thus, online Chinese classes will help you get an insight into Chinese culture.

5. Chinese Language Proficiency HSK certificate

The HSK is the Chinese version of IELTS or TOEFL and it basically tests how good you are at Chinese at six levels from one (the easiest) through six (the most difficult). At each level, you either pass or don’t pass – it’s that simple. If you’re a student looking to study at a Chinese university in Chinese, the HSK is necessary. Moreover, if you’re a professional looking for employment in China or a Chinese company in your home country, then HSK will prove your Chinese proficiency.

Here is the list of Online Chinese Classes you can apply today (JUST CLICK AND APPLY):

–> CLI Online Chinese Language
–>Mandarin House-Online Chinese Language Course
–>That’s Mandarin- Online Chinese Course
–>Culture Yard Language School- Online Chinese Language
–>Tianjin International Chinese College- HSK Online Course
–>Beijing Language and Culture University – One on One Online Skype Classes

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