CEIBS MBA Deadline of Applications for 2021

CEIBS officially opened  for candidates to apply for the CEIBS MBA Class of 2023 beginning in August 2021. The admission deadlines for the five rounds are as follows:


This year, in addition to the traditional text essay, candidates are encouraged to showcase their life and career by sharing a short video. Apart from this, the application process will remain the same.

Following the submission of the application form and supporting materials, successful candidates will be notified and invited for an interview and comprehensive admissions review.

CEIBS MBA Pre-Application Scholarships

To strengthen CEIBS’ commitment to educating responsible leaders versed in ‘China Depth’ and ‘Global Breadth,’ CEIBS is proud to announce the launch of their new Pre-Application Scholarships for international talents who can bring their China experiences into CEIBS’ classrooms.

Pre-Application Scholarships can be combined with CEIBS’ existing pool of merit-based scholarships, diversity-based fellowships and financial aid to fund up to 100% of your MBA tuition (exclusive to our 2021 intake).

Learn how you can apply here.

Eligibility Requirements

All candidates are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree or above
  • Full-time work experience of two years or longer
  • A GMAT/GRE score (GMAT code: MDQ-HH-39; GRE code: 3654) or CEIBS Admission Test score
  • Proficiency in English

How to apply

Start your application here.


China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) was co-founded by the Chinese government and the European Union (EU) in 1994.

As China’s only business school to originate from government-level collaboration, CEIBS is committed to educating responsible leaders versed in “China Depth, Global Breadth” in line with its motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence”.

Leaders from the Chinese central government and the EU have respectively lauded CEIBS as “a cradle of excellent executives” and “a role model of EU-China cooperation”. Learn more about CEIBS here.


CEIBS offers a world-class, 18-month, full-time MBA programme taught in English and designed to prepare talented professionals with strong career aspirations, promising managerial potential, and clear international orientation for post-graduation roles as a global business thought leaders.

The CEIBS MBA programme primarily aims to enhance students’ ability to identify and utilise business opportunities, solve complex business problems, motivate people, and develop organisations.


The CEIBS MBA Programme has ranked in the top 25 of the Financial Times’ annual global business school ranking for 15 consecutive years (2005-2019). Below is a summary of its rankings:

  • #1 in Asia and #5 globally amongst full-time MBA programs in the Financial Times (2019)
  • #1 in Asia in Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best Business Schools (2019)
  • #1 in Asia amongst 2-year programs outside the US in Forbes Magazine’s The Best Business Schools (2019)
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