CEIBS MBA Alumna Leela Greenberg and Career Opportunities in China For Foreigners

We’ve recently been helping a student from US to apply to an MBA program in China.

MBA in China Career Opportunities 

He said that his first choice is CEIBS. We asked why? He said that it’s for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the highest internationally ranked MBA program in Asia. Secondly, he believes it offers the best career opportunities.

There are a large number of CEIBS alumni getting jobs at top Chinese companies.

CEIBS MBA is based on “China Depth, Global Breadth” and so it is a very attractive target for top Chinese companies who are expanding globally to hire graduates from.

Alibaba is one of China’s fastest growing companies and it is going global and expanding in markets all over the world. In Russia, Malaysia, Spain, UK etc.

In their drive towards globalisation, they seek to hire a large number of foreigners who understand foreign markets, but also understand China and Chinese business culture of Alibaba.

Alibaba and CEIBS

Here we can see a video of Leela Greenberg who graduated from CEIBS MBA program and now works at Alibaba

Leela recalled her story of how she got into Alibaba:

“The reason I work in China and Alibaba is because of a program called the Alibaba Global Leadership Academy. The program is great because you have a lot of flexibility in establishing what you want to do within the business unit.”

“The program brings global talent to Alibaba headquarters here in Hangzhou and you serve as a link
to the rest of the world, so absorb the culture within the business.”

“My aptitude is in Spanish language and culture and then also English and Chinese business
development. I get to do marketing in Spain and also business development in Latin America,
liaising between those countries as an American. Being able to do that is definitely a dream come

“It’s a super competitive program actually, they chose 20 out of 6,000 applicants so a lot of it's luck.
But the part that’s not luck is definitely based on your experience in China and your integration in
China. So, having gone to CEIBS is already a big step up. CEIBS was a platform that I was able to
use to really develop that understanding of China and then apply it here.”

“So, even though before CEIBS I was working internationally, I was developing programs in China, it
wasn’t with feet on the ground in China.”

“I don’t think there’s any way I could have gotten into the leadership academy without having gone
to CEIBS.”

This is a huge trend: Many Chinese Companies Are Going Global

You can read more about how Alibaba is internationalising with CEIBS Alumna Divya Joseph who also works at Alibaba. She discusses Alibaba global initiatives here.

Alibaba is not alone this is a huge trend. There are a large number of Chinese companies that are expanding globally and all of them are looking to hire a large number of foreigners

Qihoo 360
Cheetah Mobile

This trend is not just for tech companies. The same is true for law firms, services, education, manufacturing, resources and many more etc.,

The belt and road initiative is an example of a Chinese government led initiative to globalise Chinese companies.

These companies all need foreigners who understand the local market and China and Chinese business culture.


If you are interested in learning more about MBA at CEIBS and how it can help in your career with companies such as Alibaba, you can find more information here.

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