CEIBS Interview with Dr., Pedro Nueno about the future of education

Dr Pedro Nueno is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship, IESE and Professor and Honorary President, CEIBS. He gave an interview at Reimagine:Education conference on his thoughts about the future changes in education.


Below is the transcript from the interview:

“Any product is changing and there are many things that are affecting them. The same happens with education. So, there is new technology, there is a process of globalization, there is more speed in the things we do. We change the priorities. Society is different. So, with all of these things, of course education must adapt to all of these things and I would say adapt but being ahead of these things and preparing people to really work well in this new environment.”

We are going through a period of rapid globalisation

“Now, we have new things coming. So, the digitalisation. So, all of these things, how are they going to affect? And we have the same types of questions. We live in a global world. So, sometimes the classroom has people from all over the world and this means that we have several cultures inside of the classroom. There are so many innovations in technology that we don’t know exactly how the future is going to be. So, if you are making cars today, everybody has electric cars, hybrid cars, conventional cars, autonomous cars and we don’t know if the consumer is going to choose this one or that one.”

We are going through a period of rapid digitilisation

“We don’t know exactly how things will be in 2020, 2025, but we have to be prepared and we have to follow that. And if we see that the change is going in one direction, go fast in that direction. We have to adapt but we have to go ahead, we have to follow the customer so it’s very good to have the different perspectives that we are analyzing here.”

With rapid development in technology in the last 10 years, what will it look like in 2020 and 2025?

“And clearly, there is one that is the digital technology that is affecting this directly. So, should people go to a classroom to listen to a professor, to read something that is projecting on a screen? Maybe not. Maybe they can read this on their computer at home or whatever. But on the other hand, what happens after the classroom, what happens before the classroom with the other people, so I think we have to find ways to avoid losing time, to use the time effectively but making sure that really people study at distance.”

Flipped Classroom


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