3 Reasons the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA is Worth It!

The Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) is a 22-month program for managers and executives. It is a unique partnership between INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools, and Tsinghua, one of China’s most prestigious universities. The programme takes place across INSEAD’s three campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau (France), and Tsinghua’s campus in Beijing.

Here are 3 top reasons why students love the TIEMBA program, and why the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA is worth it for you to apply today!

The final deadline is April 17, 2022.

Diverse and Ambitious Classmates

As a student at TIEMBA, you’ll share classrooms with talented entrepreneurs, business leaders, and skilled managers from different career fields all around the world. Students can learn from their classmates’ experiences, share advice, and even collaborate on new business ideas! The diverse cohort of TIEMBA students fosters ambition, creativity, cultural exploration, and knowledge-seekers.

Magdalene, a TIEMBA student, said “I met my lifelong friends who inspired me to be continuous learners and to continually seek out new challenges, never limiting any possibility.” Read her story here!

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA Magdalene Loh

Another student, Xinru Zhou, described the relationships with her TIEMBA classmates as a “flower that bloomed.” Her favorite part of the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA was the after-class sessions with her peers, who she described as family members. Some of them even served as mentors for her company. Read her story here.

Dual Degree: Insight into China and the World

Both INSEAD and Tsinghua University are top institutions with instant name recognition worldwide. Graduates of the TIEMBA program have the benefit of experience with both exceptional schools. Their elite educational background combined with significant China experience and global perspective is often the key to open new doors into the future. The unique dual degree makes the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA worth it to apply to!

Josh Halpern, an American TIEMBA graduate, is recognized as “the INSEAD guy” in India and “the Tsinghua guy” in China. He also appreciates the in-depth China experience the dual degree has given him: “It has given me a profound understanding of how to do business across the world without the common blind spot that many other “global” MBA programmes experience in terms of understanding the Chinese culture and market.” Read his story here.

Inspirational Environment and Career Advancement

The Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA is the best environment for ambitious leaders to take their business to the next level. Through incubating ideas and dreams among fellow professionals and gaining practical knowledge in the classroom, TIEMBA students are well-equipped to launch new ventures in their companies, tackle global challenges, and advance their careers in practical ways!

Wang Yan, CEO of Cowell Technology, joined TIEMBA in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic to learn more about how to face the global changes in the healthcare industry. Read his story here.

Xinru Zhou began her own company, LAW+, after her experience at TIEMBA. She learned to combine law, business, and even technological spheres in her company, as well as the soft skills of teamwork and communication. Read her story here.

Natalie Chan said, “Every module of the EMBA programme gave me inspiration and takeaways which I could apply in my start-up business right away, and witness the positive impact unraveling over time. The Strategy course is one of my favourites. Going beyond the mission of being a “purpose with a company” (not just a company with a purpose), the discussions in the Strategy course nudged me to think hard about the strategy that we should adopt, what we want to focus on achieving, and what we are willing to trade off.” Read her story here!

Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
Savannah Billman

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