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About BLCU

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Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is renowned for teaching Chinese language and culture to foreign students. It also offers language, computer science, technology, finance, and accountancy courses to Chinese students. The university provides training for Chinese language teachers and pre-departure language training for those going abroad.

BLCU, with its rich history and highly qualified faculty, stands out as a global leader in teaching Chinese language and culture. Its diverse cultural atmosphere attracts students worldwide, with over 60,000 graduates from 160+ countries. Many alumni have become diplomats, sinologists, and journalists, including 14 foreign ambassadors to China.

Additionally, BLCU excels in research and teaching across languages, cultures, arts, and social sciences. With the world’s largest Chinese language program for international students, it has trained around 200,000 students from 183 countries since 1962. BLCU fosters global partnerships in language teaching and culture promotion, connecting people and ideas worldwide.

Students at BLCU.

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Learn more about the programs and apply to Beijing Language and Culture University through the links below. Or book a free call with us here.


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