Bachelor’s in Materials Science & Engineering

Introduction to the Program

The Bachelor’s in Materials Science and Engineering at South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a four year program for international students taught in English.


South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a young public university located in Shenzhen, China, neighboring Hong Kong. Aiming at building a “world-class, top-tier, research intensive” university, SUSTC is a fast rising universities in China under the leadership of Chen Shiyi, a world renowned scholar in Mechanical Engineering and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

The major of material science and engineering is a discipline based on material science, chemistry and physics, systematically learning fundamental theory and experiment skill of material science and engineering and applying them to synthesizing, preparing, structure, performance and application of materials. The discipline is the outcome of combination of multiple disciplines, and is a kind of application science closely related to engineering technology. Materials are material basis for human’s survival and development. In the 1970s, human beings took information, material and energy as pillars of social civilization. In the 1980s, with emerging of hi-tech cluster, new material and information technology, and biology technology are used as marks of new technology revolution. In modern society, materials are a key composition of national economic building, national defense and people’s life.

Training Objective

The major trains compound high-quality science and technology talents with firm theory knowledge of material science and engineering, mastering frontier material R& D and characterization technology, with applied technology of English and computer and engaging in hi-tech material R& D and interdisciplinary work. The trained students are capable of researching the discipline and related fields, new material design and development, teaching and management, and have relatively powerful innovation awareness, team cooperation and leading capability. The graduates can engage in conventional material industrial production in the discipline, engage in design and research of new materials, new process and technology, can continue postgraduate study of material science and engineering, hi-tech discipline and inter-disciplines, and serve scientific research, development, teaching and management of enterprises, scientific research, college and government bodies.

About Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Founded in July 2013, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has 22 full-time faculty members. The MSE department at SUSTC engages in a broad scope of advanced materials research, including energy materials, organic and inorganic electronics, sensors and actuators, biomaterials, polymer composites, nanomaterials, micro- and nanofabrication, as well as additive manufacturing. The development of the MSE program addresses three areas: the frontiers of materials research; the national strategic development plan in materials area; and the research and development needs of the local industries in the Pearl River Delta and Shenzhen municipality. The department strives to achieve a leading role in both knowledge discovery and technology transfer.

Entry Requirements

High School Degree

Application Deadline


Start Date of the Program



Main Courses: Fundamental of material science, physical chemistry, material chemistry, material dynamics, crystallography, material preparation and processing, comprehensive experiment of material science, fundamental of metal science, ceramics material and application, introduction to high molecules, semi-conduct materials, organic photoelectric materials and apparatus, energy material science, biological materials, nanometer material science, material science and innovation.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB30000 per year. The total for the 4 year program is 120,000 RMB.


For information on the accommodation at South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) visit the accommodation page here.

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