Bachelor’s in Finance

Introduction to the Program

The Bachelor’s in Finance at South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a four year program for international students taught in English.


South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a young public university located in Shenzhen, China, neighboring Hong Kong. Aiming at building a “world-class, top-tier, research intensive” university, SUSTC is a fast rising universities in China under the leadership of Chen Shiyi, a world renowned scholar in Mechanical Engineering and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Economics in Finance combines strong functional training with intensive exposure to statistical tools, computer application and the application of financial theory to solve practical problems such as asset pricing in China market, risk management in Internet Finance and financial engineering. Students will also learn to evaluate the Financial Reform performance in China, like “Shenzhen-Hong Kong modern service industry cooperation in Qian Hai”. The training from this program not only prepares graduates to pursue challenging careers in the financial sector as financial engineers, hedge fund managers, policy advisors for China’s financial reforms and innovative entrepreneurs in Finance industry, but also provides a strong foundation for them to pursue further studies in finance and economics. Despite its technical nature, the program is designed to strike a balance between quantitative knowledge and broad-based education.

Overseas Exchanges

Students can learn not only cultural sensitivity and networking ability, but also theories and concepts via the exchange program. SUSTC has established several partnerships all over the world. Our first exchange students have been to University of British Columbia to experience summer courses. This new semester, 4 students of our department have exchanged to Temple University to take courses for one semester. With prior approval, courses taken during exchange studies are transferable towards the requirement for graduation. Scholarships are also available to selected students to cover their daily expense.

Internship Programs

Internship provides students with professional and real-life business experience during their university years. We encourage students to get first-hand knowledge of how corporations operate on a day-to-day basis by recognition of the hard-work as credits towards graduation and by providing internship subsidies to cover their daily expense. On top of this, we have established some connections with the business community for internship opportunities like Bank of China.

Career Prospects

In 2015, our department greets our first graduates. Some of our students begin their careers in the financial industry sector, like Minsen Investment. Some of them move on to further studies to pursue higher degree in Finance, like PhD in The University of Pittsburgh.

About Department of Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering

Our department aims to become a leading institution in both local China and the world for Finance education and research.


  • Provide high quality education in financial frontier.
  • Develop innovative and visionary talents to solve practical problems of China’s financial reforms.
  • Advance the frontiers of Finance by fostering innovative research that addresses significant global and regional issues.

Entry Requirements

High School Degree

Application Deadline


Start Date of the Program


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB30000 per year. The total for the 4 year program is 120,000 RMB.


For information on the accommodation at South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) visit the accommodation page here.

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