Bachelor’s in Chemistry

Introduction to the Program

The Bachelor’s in Chemistry at South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a four year program for international students taught in English.


South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a young public university located in Shenzhen, China, neighboring Hong Kong. Aiming at building a “world-class, top-tier, research intensive” university, SUSTC is a fast rising universities in China under the leadership of Chen Shiyi, a world renowned scholar in Mechanical Engineering and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

To fulfill the continuous demand of new generation of chemists at high quality, and to provide greater opportunities for the students to develop themselves, our Department focuses not only on the basic theoretical aspects, but also strongly emphasizes on practical research training, fostering students’ strong interests in science, and also cultivating students’ critical thinking ability.

For the teaching, the comprehensive 4 years credit-based bachelor curriculum in our Department covers a wide range of chemistry aspects and related disciplines with up-to-date literature materials for their selection. Generally it included the four basic chemistry areas as the core courses (inorganic, analytical, organic and physical chemistry), elective courses included but not limited to medicinal chemistry, organometallic chemistry, chemical biology, energy and materials chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and environmental chemistry, which are closely related to the frontiers of current research and the needs of our society. Moreover, in order to encourage inter-displinary research, the students are motivated to study other science related subjects in the first year of admission, included but not limited to biology, physic and engineering.

Unlike many other institutions, our undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to conduct research since their first year of academic study. In this connection, they are supervised directly by our faculty members and are worked closely with RAs and RFs. Moreover, our undergraduate laboratory sections provide the research-grade equipment for them to use during and after the class. For example, it includes NMR, HPLC, GC-MS, high-resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS), atomic absorption spectrometer (AA), infrared spectrometer (IR), UV-visible spectrometer (UV-VIS), gel permeation chromatometer (GPC), scanning electrochemical microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), electron microscope, rheology and laser resonance raman spectroscope.

About Department of Chemistry

Chemistry research represents one of the most important approaches for humanity betterment. That not only directly impacts the use of natural resources, but also synergizes development in other disciplines.

The Department of Chemistry is therefore strategically developed as one of the largest and best equipped departments in the University. Thanks to the strong support from both the Government and our founders, this department aims to be one of the best in China and has already attracted many outstanding experts to join, including 2 honored with the prestigious Thousand Talents Program Award and 8 recipients of Thousand Young Talents Program Award from the Chinese Central Government. The Shenzhen Municipal also named 18 of our independent faculty members who joined us from prominent oversea universities as the Peacock Plan Awardees. Currently, our faculty members together with their teams are actively involved in both teaching and research frontiers of chemistry, from upstream fundamental research to downstream industrial applications and inter-disciplinary research, in order to fulfill our obligations to the rapidly evolving society.

Entry Requirements

High School Degree

Application Deadline


Start Date of the Program


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB30000 per year. The total for the 4 year program is 120,000 RMB.


For information on the accommodation at South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) visit the accommodation page here.

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