China-UK Mixed Degree Programs

Introduction to the Programs

The China UK Mixed Degree program allows you to study at one of nine world-class UK universities. You can choose from over 100 different Bachelor programs in the general field of business and engineering. You will be studying for two years in Shanghai and then transfer to one of SBC’s nine partner universities in the UK.


After your second year in Shanghai you can proceed to study at one of SBC’s partner universities in the UK. The partners include these nine world-class universities:

Once you finished your studies, you will receive a degree from one of SBC’s nine partner universities in the UK and from the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology, one of Shanghai’s key universities.

Business Programs

The business programs are designed to educate and shape the next generation of managers leaders. You can choose from over 40 different programs. The programs cover the vast majority of the spectrum in the field of business and management. typical business programs include Human Resource Management, Financial Management, International Business and Marketing. But you can also find more individual programs such as Hospitality Management or Tourism Management.

Find the list of all 40 business programs here

Engineering Programs

China’s development in the last few years has been focused on advancing high-tech innovation, manufacturing and precision-engineering projects. SBC’s School of Engineering and Computing offers courses that let you become a part of this exciting transformation. The courses are taught with a wide diversity of experienced UK and international staff using dynamic and creative teaching methods.

Find the list of all 25 engineering programs here


To apply complete the application form here. If you have any questions contact us.

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