Master’s in Chinese Economy

Introduction to the Program

The Master’s in Chinese Economy at Renmin University of China (RUC) is a two year program for international students taught in English.

About Renmin University of China

Renmin University of China (RUC) is a key comprehensive and research-oriented university in China. It is one of the earliest universities in China that established Graduate Schools, and is the most prestigious university in the humanities and social sciences in China. For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

The Master of Chinese Economy (MACE) Program’s goal is to provide overseas students with two years of analytical training focused on economic development in China, to provide students with a platform to develop the critical thinking skills and knowledge necessary to become exports at analyzing China’s economy and policies. After graduation, graduates will be prepared to work in China in various areas such as multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, or academic organizations.

All Courses offered in this program are taught in English by qualified faculty approved by the graduate college at RUC. Faculty members have a diverse background and most of them have been trained at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, and have impressive lists of publications and academic achievements.

Each student in the program conducts research in his/her area of particular interest under the guidance of a RUC faculty member.

About The School of Economics

The School of Economics at Renmin University of China (RUC) was founded in 1998, combining the former Department of Economics, Department of International Economics and Graduate School of Economics. The origin of the School can be traced back to the Department of Finance and Economics established in 1946 by the North-China United University, RUC’s predecessor.

The School of Economics engaged itself very actively on the international state. The School has established long-term, cooperative relationships with top universities in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. In addition, the School has appointed several world-renowned economists as honorary professors, including Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Mundell, Gregory Chow, and Lawrence Lau.

Start Date of the Program


Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Satisfactory English proficiency

Application Deadline

May 31

Required Basic Courses

Contemporary Chinese Politics
Language Studies

Required Core Courses

Mathematical Economics
Statistics and Econometrics
Applied Microeconomics
Applied International Macroeconomics
Contemporary Chinese Economy

Elective Courses

Theories of International Trade and their Applications to the Chinese Economy
Theories of Economic Development and their Applications to the Chinese Economy
Regional Economics and its Application to the Chinese Economy
Resource and Environmental Economics and its Applications to the Chinese Economy
Healthcare Economics and Chinese Healthcare Sector
Industrial Organization Theory and its Applications to the Chinese Economy
Public Finance and the Chinese Economy
Risk Management of Chinese Financial Institutions
Labor Economics and its Applications to the Chinese Economy
Law and Economics and its Applications to the Chinese Economy
Agricultural Economics and its Applications to the Chinese Economy
International Finance
Corporate Finance

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB60000 per year. The tuition fee for the 2 year program is 120,000 RMB.


There are four different international residence on campus. They are No.1 International Student Residence, No.2 International Student Residence, No.3 International Student Residence, and International Cultural Exchange Center. For further information on the accommodation at Renmin University of China (RUC) visit the accommodation page here.

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