Refer a friend for $100 USD

We are offering free advice on applying to Chinese Universities. If you refer a friend to us who successfully enrolls at a Chinese University through us you can receive $100 USD and your friend can receive $50 USD.

We think the best recommendations in life come from someone you know. That’s why we reward you for every person you successfully introduce us to. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer. Just put us in touch with your friend by filling in the form on this page.

For referring a friend you will receive a reward as a wechat or paypal payment.

Refer a Friend and You’ll Both Receive Rewards

  • 1) Refer a friend
  • 2) Friend enrolls
  • 3) You and your friend receive rewards. $100 USD for you and $50 USD for your friend. *terms and conditions apply.

Why should your friend study in China with us?

  • We’re the leading platform for studying in China
  • Providing free assistance and application assistance
  • We’re have the largest database of English language programs in China
  • We save you a lot of time and effort and save you from making mistakes.
  • Manage your application and increase chances of being accepted.
  • Our company was founded by foreign students, we understand your needs and we provide quick feedback and assistance.
  • If you’d like to apply for several Universities through us, total fee will be cheaper than if you apply for each University directly
    And many more reasons

Three good reasons to refer a friend

  • Help your friend to achieve their goals
  • Strengthen your network
  • Earn rewards for yourself and your friend that can help finance your tuition fees

Refer a friend

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*Terms and conditions

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