14th October 2015


The Referral programme (the “Programme”) is offered by China Admissions.



To reward individuals who identify qualified prospective students who may be interested in applying through China Admissions.


‘Referrer’ is the term used for a person who refers a friend or colleague to China Admissions. ‘Referral’ is the term for the person referred.


To be eligible for a reward Referrers must submit referrals directly through their dedicated Enrolment Advisor or via the Referral form at vps20600.inmotionhosting.com/~richco6/china-admissions.com/refer-a-friend and must include all required information. If they do not have a dedicated Enrolment Advisor they should do so via the website.

False Information

Any party making false or misleading statements that result in misuse or misinterpretation of the product, benefits or features provided by the China Admissions will be cause for an immediate cancellation of, or ineligibility for, the rewards offered under this agreement.



The China Admissions rewards are as follows:

Eligible Programs include most of the Universities on our website. For some Universities on our website the referral fees will be less than the amounts below. For some they will be more. Due to the number or programs we offer it is not possible to provide a complete list. For simplicity, the numbers given below are given as conservative and average numbers where it is intended that at least 80% of the programs will be above this number, and for those that are not above this number will not be less than half of this number. The amounts below are intended for degree programs. Chinese language programs will be classified as $25 for the referrer and $25 for the referral. For some programs the referral fee can be considerably more, generally the larger the tuition fee, the larger the referral fee. For some programs it is also not possible to provide a referral fee.

For Referrers

Referrers to the program will receive $100 USD referral fee for recommending the students to study on eligible programs on our website with the following exceptions.

For Referrals

The Referral who is successfully referred to study in China on eligible programs through China Admissions will receive a $50 USD referral fee or deduction from the application fee or tuition fee.

Qualified Referral

In order to be considered a qualified referral the following conditions must be met:

  • Referrals must be submitted directly through the Referrer’s authorised Enrolment Advisor from China Admissions or via the Referral form at vps20600.inmotionhosting.com/~richco6/china-admissions.com/refer-a-friend and must include all required information.
  • All Referrals submitted will be verified against the list of active prospective students held by the China Admissions. To be eligible, the submitted Referral must not already be on that list.
  • China Admissions reserves the right to limit, reject, or cancel submissions made by any Referrer who disregards these terms and conditions.


Reward Activation

  • The Referrer will be eligible for their reward 90 days after their Referral has successfully enrolled into a program and paid the tuition fee.
  • The Referral will receive their reward within 90 days after they have completed and paid for their first module.
  • If there is any delay due to the University processing of the application or tuition fee then the reward will be paid after this has been made.


Referral Timescales

The Referral must have reached eligibility within 12 months of being submitted by the Referrer for either party to be eligible for a reward.

Referral Limit

There is no limit to the number of Referrals that can be submitted by a Referrer. In the event of a Referrer reaching a figure of 20 successful Referrals they will no longer be eligible to receive rewards.


China Admissions will not reveal any information about the status of the Referral at any point in time to participants of the Programme..



China Admissions reserves the right to terminate the Programme at any time.

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