Seeking operations manager to join our team to continually improve our service and customer satisfaction

Do you care about helping others to succeed? Do you have high standards of service? and feel excited by the thought of helping international students to get accepted into China’s top universities?

The massive changes in the international education industry brought on by COVID-19 provides huge opportunities for new models and digital solutions to emerge.

We are China Admissions, an investor backed online platform for international students to apply to Chinese Universities. International students can find and apply to any university in China through our simple online platform. We partner with 150 top Chinese universities, and have over 160,000 registered students.

We are growing fast as China’s universities continue to improve and attract more international students, and as they digitise their systems. We and looking for an operations manager to join our team to manage our admissions.

Your Objectives

In the first 6 months you will have the following objectives.

1> Managing New Applications Successfully  

You will be reviewing new completed applications (200-400 per month), through our online platform, communicating with the students, our admissions team, and Chinese universities to ensure that the students applications are submitted successfully. You will be great at attention to details, at dealing with problems, and providing great service, following up and being organised.

The old way of applying to university sucks. We seek to WOW students with service so good they can’t believe it.

You will be tasked with ensuring that these standards of service are met and are continually improving.

2> Upgrading Our Service for International Students

Your three key metrics for success are: 1) application processing speed, 2) application success rate (% of applications that are accepted), and 3) student satisfaction score as measured by NPS (Net Promoter Score “How likely they are to recommend our service to a friend).

You will be speaking to students and our team to find ways improve the net promoter score from 54 to 70, and the success rate from 90% to 95%). By giving suggestions for improvement to our tech team, and our recruitment and content team.

3> Talking to Chinese University Partners to Understand Them

It is very important that we are satisfying our Chinese university partners. On the one hand they want to receive more excellent students, on the other side, they want to have a great, smooth, and enjoyable experience of working with us.

You will be talking to 50 of our Chinese university partners to understand them, their problems, challenges, and opportunities also identifying additional ways we can help them and sharing this report with the team.


We are looking for someone with the ability to communicate to a high level in English for international students and good attention to detail. The most important part of this role is to be customer focused and excellent standards of service.

An international and open mindset is important. Chinese language, knowledge of tech, entrepreneurial interest or experience is an advantage but not necessary.

We value mindset and attitude over specific skills. We highly value the ability to learn, being open minded, caring about others with a service mindset and a full stack, get stuff done attitude.

We expect you’ll have a track record of going above and beyond, and high standards of excellence.

Working environment

The salary is competitive, with full social insurance and work visa support for internationals. You’ll be surrounded by a great team of the smartest people in the industry who are fun to work with and great to learn from. We have a supportive, results oriented team culture with flexible schedule and national and international travel opportunities.

There will also be opportunities to be involved in other projects within our team, from student recruitment, customer service, design, tech, events, marketing etc.

The next step

Sound interesting to you? We’d love to hear from you

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