Master’s in Environmental Management

Introduction to the Program

The Master’s in Environmental Management at Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School is a two year Master’s degree program taught in English.

About Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School

Founded in 2014 with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, with a mission to provide students with a research-led education of the highest international quality across a range of subjects.

About the Program

The MSc in Environmental Management draws on expertise in the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Glasgow. Together they represent a leading center of expertise in environmental teaching and research. They work on issues dealing with the natural and urban environment including policies and practices for environmental management.

The MSc in Environmental Management aims to produce graduates who

  • have a strong understanding of the environment and how it changes
  • have an awareness of economic and policy issues affecting the environment
  • are able to apply practical and technical solutions to assist in the management of the environment, environmental risk, and environmental change.

You will develop a firm understanding of the environment – and how human and physical processes affect it.

You will be introduced to policies and practices for environmental management, as they are applied in a range of environments and at different scales. You will develop skills in processing and present environmental information to inform and enhance environmental management.

You will gain an enhanced appreciation of the importance of research and reflection as a route to successful environmental management.

Graduate attributes

This degree programme equips you with a wide range of opportunities by providing the knowledge and understanding to:

  • Critically assess the influence of physical processes and the impact of human decision making on the environment
  • Evaluate theories of environmental management
  • Discuss theories of climate change, how this will affect different environments
  • Compare and contrast environmental management policies in different regions and at different scales
  • Develop strategies for behavioral change to improve management of the environment
  • Explain the need to develop policies to manage the environment at different scales
  • Create plans to react to and manage environmental change
  • Explain how GIS and Remote Sensing contribute to the management of environmental data and can contribute to environmental management.


The programme is taken over 2 years of full-time study and is divided into 4 main components:

Part 1: Compulsory courses taught by University of Glasgow (Total 80 credits)

  • Principles of Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Management (20 credits)
  • Environmental Remote Sensing (20 credits)
  • Understanding Changing Environments (20 credits)
  • Environmental Ethics and Behaviour Change (20 credits)

Part 2: Compulsory courses taught by Nankai University (Total 50 credits)

  • Applied Mathematics (20 credits)
  • Environmental Economics (15 credits)
  • Environmental Management

Part 3: Optional courses taught by Nankai University (Total 30 credits)

At least 2 from:

  • Environmental Planning and Strategic Environmental Assessment (15 credits)
  • Cleaner Production (15 credits)
  • Municipal Ecology (15 credits)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (15 credits)
  • Advancement in Environmental Impact Assessment Techniques (15 credits)

Part 4: Compulsory Research Experience and Skills

  • Social Science Research Methods (20 credits – taught by UofG)
  • Dissertation or Major Project on an approved topic in Environmental Management (60 credits – jointly supervised. 20 Glasgow / 40 Nankai)

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

Application Deadline

20th May

Start Date of the program

14th September

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB 35000 per year. The total for the two-year program is 70000 RMB.


During your studies you will live in the overseas student dormitories. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in campus life, allows you to meet other international students and make friends from all over the world.For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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