Private Tutoring

Mandarin House private

Do you want to enroll in the most personalized Chinese lessons?

1-on-1, or 1-on-more, our private tutoring course is the most flexible option and suited to your special needs.

Course Benefits

Mandarin House private 2

  • 1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made Chinese lessons
  • Focus on you and your group’s requirements
  • Flexible schedule and location
  • Cover the most interesting topics for you
  • Available for business Chinese, HSK preparation
  • Chinese culture and history contents and much more
  • 45 minutes per lesson

Tuition Fees

Private Tuition (1-on-1)


Private Tuition (1-on-2)


Private Tuition (1-on-3 to 5)



Living in a new culture away from home doesn’t need to be a headache, but should be an adventure – a comfortable, friendly and safe adventure. For information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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