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Do you think Chinese is a difficult language to learn?

At Mandarin House, we are certainly aware of the challenges our young learners may face, from our experience, then through our unmatched teaching staff and updated learning materials, your child will find Mandarin is not so difficult and they will be speaking Chinese before you know it!

Our junior Mandarin Chinese courses have been carefully designed from the ground-up, basing the curriculum and personal learning approach around modern pedagogy methods and the valuable feedback received from our countless students and teachers.

About Mandarin House

Established in 2004 and one of the first private Mandarin Schools in China, Mandarin House have helped over 20,000 foreign students from 80+ nationalities to speak Mandarin. For more info visit the page here.

Conversational Chinese

mandarin house conversational chinese after school coursesA great way to learn the communication essentials of Chinese pinyin, listening and speaking skills, giving young learners confidence to speak Chinese

Chinese Characters

mandarin house chinese charactersCharacters are an essential part of Chinese culture and language and by learning them your child get a deeper understanding of the language and the mysteries behind a writing system.


mandarin house cultural fun activitiesCultural Fun Activities

  • Chinese calligraphy
  • Cooking workshop
  • Water painting
  • Chinese martial art

manadrin-house-junior-course-benefitsJunior Course Benefits

  • Small classes, maximum 6 students
  • Afternoon or weekend timetable
  • International students mix
  • Learn practical and essential Mandarin skills
  • Fun, interactive teaching method
  • Flexible intake and start dates


Living in a new culture away from home doesn’t need to be a headache, but should be an adventure – a comfortable, friendly and safe adventure. For information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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