HSK Intensive Training Course

Jinan University

Introduction to the Program

The HSK Intensive Training Course at Jinan University is a 4-6 week test-related skills and training course for international students.

About JNU

There are many special features that Jinan University can be proud of: one of the oldest universities in China and one of the “211” key national universities in China, the 1st university in China that recruits foreign students, the 1st university in China that enrolls students at both spring and autumn semesters, the 1st university that pioneered the implementation of credit system in China, the university with the largest number of overseas students, the only university that finds her alumni in both Chinese and foreign state-level leaders in China… For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

Students are to familiarized with requirement and test skills for rudimentary, intermediate

Start Date of the Program

September or March

Entry Requirements

Any one who is interested in Chinese

Application Deadline

July or January


HSK test-related skills and training courses. (Courses are subject to adjustment according to trainee’s requirement).

Tuition Fees



Jinan University offers a wide variety of dormitories located on campus. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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