indonesian students in china

Indonesian Students In China

According to the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, the number of Indonesian students in China reached 14,000 in 2017, with an annual rise of 10 percent. While the majority of students study Chinese language and literature, an increasing number are entering other fields such as medicine, business and technology.

Indonesian student population is expected to continue rising in China because of its active efforts to attract international talents. The China Education Exhibition (CEE), for example, has been held 16 times to date, under the cooperation between the Chinese Service Center Exchange (CSCSE) and Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture.

Furthermore, Beijing offers hundreds of scholarships to Indonesians. While this effort dates back to the beginning of China-Indonesia ties, it has increased since the introduction of the BRI. In 2017, for instance, 215 scholarships were granted to Indonesian students, 11 times greater than 2015 numbers.

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