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Enrolling to Chinese University


Admissions Result

How will I receive my admission?
We will update you by email after hearing the final result from the University.
You will then receive the pre-admission notice, and if you accept the offer then the deposit fee payment might be required by the University to secure your admission
What is deposit fee and how much?

Deposit fee is like a down-payment that you need to pay in order to confirm your seat and secure your admission at the University. The amount might be various (depends on the University), ranging from 10-100% of the first-year tuition fee.

How to pay for the deposit fee?

Normally, the payment must be made directly to the University’s bank account. We will inform you of the payment details and it’s usually written on the pre-admissions notice too.

What is the process after I receive the pre-admission notice and complete the deposit fee payment?

University will then take 10-14 working day to process your Admissions Notice and Visa Form (JW201/202), and then University will send the original copies of the Visa Form (JS 201/202) and Admissions Notice to your home address

Student Visa

How to get the student visa?

You need to bring the original copy of your Admission Notice and Visa form (JW201/202) and make appointment at the Chinese embassy or Chinese visa center to apply for your student visa.

Chinese embassy or Chinese visa application center might also require you to fill in the online visa application on their website.

Do I have to pay when applying for Student visa?

Yes, there is processing fee for your visa application. You must pay this fee at the Chinese embassy or Chinese visa center when applying for your visa.

Can I get a student visa now (during Covid-19)?

Update: June 2021

China’s border is still closed therefore universities are not able to apply for your student visa, and Chinese embassies are not issuing student visas at the moment. Therefore, no student visa will be issued and you’re not yet able to come to China until the border’s opened again

When will the border be opened for international students?

Update: June 2021

China’s border is still closed for international students.

About the border reopening date, that depends on the Chinese Government’s decision.

Arriving in China and Accommodation

Do you help in arranging the accommodation?
For students who apply through China Admissions, we provide free on-campus accommodation booking at all our partnering universities.
For students who have applied by other methods, we can arrange the on-campus accommodation booking and there is a $100 USD arrangement fee. Please fill in the form here https://www.china-admissions.com/accommodation-booking-service/
Do you provide airport pickup?
We do offer Airport Pickup Service for US$ 150, where we’ll arrange a private driver to pick you up from the airport (or train station) and drive you to the University.
To use this service, you can fill in the form here https://www.china-admissions.com/airport-pickup-service/
Do you help with arranging my arrival in China too?

We have arrival care service to give you some more help with your arrival in China, please check https://www.china-admissions.com/student-services/student-care-package/

Do you have any group that I can join to make new friends?

Please add us on WeChat (CAAdmissions), we can invite you to the Wechat group or we can introduce you to a buddy

Do you have any other questions not answered?

Check out other topics here

or fill in the support form here, and our team will respond to your inquiry by email

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