Why You Should Study Finance in China

China is the world’s biggest economy with lots of top companies. It’s also the center of Fintech, which is like using technology for money stuff. Many Chinese people, about 87%, use Fintech services, making it a big deal. China has many successful Fintech companies in areas like payments and insurance.

If you want to work in finance, studying it in China is a smart move. You’ll learn a lot about finance and also understand how Chinese businesses work. This can be really helpful in today’s global business world.

Why You Should Study Finance in China

China is emerging as a top destination for global students. With affordable living costs and excellent education, it’s an attractive option.

Studying finance in China holds numerous advantages. Firstly, China boasts the world’s largest economy and a vast population, creating abundant opportunities. Chinese people are renowned for their business acumen, offering valuable lessons in entrepreneurship.

A finance education in China provides insights into the inner workings of the industry. You’ll delve into capital markets and the financial decisions crucial for businesses. Postgraduate finance studies cover funding, capital utilization, and financial instruments in global markets, preparing you for a successful career in the expanding global economy.

For those seeking a challenging and rewarding finance education, China is an ideal choice!

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Why Studying Finance in China is a Smart Investment

Opting for a finance study journey in China is a savvy investment. In a country marked by a booming economy, diverse career prospects, and world-class education, obtaining a finance degree stands as a wise choice.

Educational institutions catering to international students in China boast high reputation and prestige. In recent years, China has poured substantial funds into its educational system, generously offering numerous scholarships for international students. Chinese universities have gained recognition for their excellence in teaching finance, with some finance departments ranking among the world’s best.

Many Chinese universities with finance departments now offer English-taught programs, attracting international students for undergraduate or postgraduate finance degrees like Fudan University. Choosing to further your education in finance in China means benefiting from modern infrastructure and qualified professors in the fastest-growing economic powerhouse.

Finance entails understanding how individuals and firms allocate resources over time. Studying finance in China equips you with robust skills for success.

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Fudan University’s Master’s in Finance provides annual fully-sponsored opportunities for students to visit top financial enterprises in Hong Kong and Singapore, fostering real-world experience and broadening perspectives through FDSM’s corporate partnerships.

Finance Degree Offers Endless Career Opportunities

Choosing to study finance opens the door to a world of opportunities. It’s a degree that’s gaining popularity due to its versatile nature and the constant growth of technology and businesses globally. Big financial technology companies are on the lookout for skilled professionals, offering a plethora of opportunities. Whether you decide to build your career in China or explore opportunities abroad after graduating from a Chinese university, a finance degree sets you up for success.

The demand for finance professionals is rising, driven by the increasing range of financial products and the need for experts with deep knowledge of different regions. As the Chinese economy continues to grow, international students with a finance degree will find ample opportunities to work in various sectors.

The field of finance is expansive, and so are the career options it offers. A finance degree equips you to explore roles in corporate management, international financial management, investment services, financial planning for individuals and organizations, brokerage firms, investment banks, insurance companies, and private banks.

Top Financial Companies from China

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd
Market Cap (USD): $219.65 B

2. Agricultural Bank of China Ltd
Market Cap (USD): $165.54 B

3. China Construction Bank Corp
Market Cap (USD): $143.77 B

4. Bank of China Ltd
Market Cap (USD): $143.74 B

5. Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd
Market Cap (USD): $116.70 B

6. China Merchants Bank Co Ltd
Market Cap (USD): $112.36 B

Student Stories

Take a look at these students’ success after finishing a master’s in finance:

“School of Management, Fudan University has provided us with a full range of activities. Events organized by the Career Development Office, such as 1-on-1 career consulting, mock interview, group interview guidance, and corporate luncheon parties have greatly boosted our confidence in the job-hunting season. Mentors from the Alumni-Tutor program are all industry leaders, and we could bridge connections and conduct further communication with them. In the meantime, the School also offers us enriched learning resources. Renowned professors and well-designed curriculum in cooperation with UCLA and Princeton have provided us with access to latest advancements in the world in both academic and industry arena. In addition, participation in various activities, including Corporate Practice Courses, Oversea Study Tours and Investment Competitions have made us stand out among others during our internship programs.”

Yutong Xie
Analyst at Morgane Stanley IBD
Alumni of MF 2018

“The School sees demand from students and act accordingly. It includes both theory and practical exercises in the curriculum. The Career Development Office conducts very detailed trainings in terms of resume polishing and other career services. In addition, each student could receive individual guidance from alumni mentors, who are leading experts in their own industry. The School is all about sharing and inheritance. Therefore, the sense of belonging is so intense. Professors and alumni are both truly selfless in sharing their professional knowhow to guide us to a better future.”

Yiqun He
Analyst at Bank of China
Investment Management
Alumni of MF 2018

Introducing Fudan University’s Master’s in Finance

Fudan University School of Management LogoFudan University stands among China’s leading academic institutions, renowned for its extensive legacy of academic distinction and forward-thinking. The Master of Finance program, initiated in 2010, is offered by Fudan University’s School of Management (FDSM) in partnership with the Anderson School of Management at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) and Princeton University, both situated in the United States.

Student Profile at Fudan University

2021 Employment Report:
Employment rate: 100%
Average number of offers obtained: 2.6
Average annual income: RMB 300,000

Employer List:
Including but not limited to:
Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, UBS, Goldman Sachs Gaohua, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities, Bank of Communications Schroder, Shangtou Morgan, CITIC Prudential, McKinsey, Meritco, Alibaba



Learn More about Master’s in Finance in China

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