Why I’m studying in China – Evy from Puerto Rico ??

Every student has different reasons for studying in China. Here Evy from Puerto Rico introduces her reasons for studying at Tsinghua University

About Evy

Evimary Pinero or Evy (pronounced Eh-vee) for short, was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and has spent most of her childhood growing up in Florida, US. Evy graduated with her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of South Florida in 2019 and is enrolled in the International Masters in Engineering Management (IMEM) pogram at Tsinghua University in Beijing next fall. Evy is very passionate about seeking different perspectives and understanding the bigger picture of things. Evy invites you to follow her through her journey.

Favorite Quote

“If you really want something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

— Jim Rohn

Why I studied in China

I often get this question, and I never know how to give the short answer. There are just so many reasons. So why China?

I’ve always had a passion for seeking out different ideas and perspectives and forcing my mind to think in ways it never has before. Living in different parts of the world is a great way to achieve this. This passion always fueled my fascination for new experiences and the unknown.

The summer before starting my senior year in college, I had the idea of pursuing my masters abroad.

A top motivator for pursuing a graduate degree abroad is my passion for seeking a global perspective. I really like understanding the big picture of things and seeing how it all connects together. There are many things I am uncertain about in life and my career goals, but I am certain of one thing. I want to get international experience and learn about what makes a company successful in this era of economic globalization.

And so my university search began. I knew I wanted to pick a country where I did not know the local language. I am a strong believer that you must step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. Being in a completely foreign country would do just this. I also saw it as the perfect opportunity to learn a third language. Spanish was my first language and it was almost a no-brainer that learning Mandarin would open the most doors in the long run. And so I started focusing my school search in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

I started looking at different masters programs in these schools and I fell in love with the International Masters in Engineering Management (IMEM) at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Times Higher Education Rankings 2019 ranked Tsinghua #1 in Asia and #22 in the world. It became more and more clear that this university would provide the best resources and opportunities in the long run. This masters program aims to prepare students with engineering backgrounds for managerial and industry leadership roles for global engineering projects. What really sold me about this two-year program is the flexibility to do internships anywhere in Asia and the immersion classes all around China. So not only would I get the chance to travel to different companies, manufacturing giants, and leadership conferences all around China via immersion classes provided by the department, I would also have the opportunity to complete all my courses during the first year in Beijing and pursue internship/work opportunities in or outside of China during the second year. This blew my mind! The more places I can experience the better.

That basically sums it up. My distinct passion to obtain different perspectives and a global vision, the opportunity to learn a new language, and the university and program itself are my main motivators for this unique journey. I am so excited to share my journey and experiences to come! Thanks for reading. 🙂

About Tsinghua University

Tsinghua is consistently ranked 1st or 2nd in China and among the best in the world for engineering and computer science programs. Located in the North West of Beijing in the University District (Haidian District) on the former site of the Qing Dynasty royal gardens it is also well known for having one of the most beautiful campuses in China. Tsinghua University is also one of the most international Universities in China with over 3,800 international students.

How about you? What are your reasons for studying in China?

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