What does Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) offer you?

China’s healthcare sector has undergone remarkable growth in the past three decades, and Shantou University Medical College is a shining example of this progress. With advancements in healthcare practices, state-of-the-art medical equipment development, and innovations in pharmaceuticals and medical products, China boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing healthcare systems.

Explore the exciting prospects within China’s booming healthcare industry through Shantou University Medical College (SUMC). SUMC is a highly regarded public medical institution in China, known for producing skilled healthcare professionals with a global perspective.

In recent years, SUMC students consistently achieved outstanding results, with pass rates on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) ranging from 93-98%. Graduates from this prestigious medical school have secured coveted residency positions not only in the United States but also in Thailand and Malaysia.

If you’re considering a career in the medical field, SUMC in China offers an exceptional educational experience. Learn more about what SUMC has to offer for your future in medicine.

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Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) in China

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is an important part of Shantou University, a public university that receives long-term support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, located in Shantou, Guangdong, China.

SUMC’s mission revolves around putting students at the heart of medical education, prioritizing patients in healthcare delivery, focusing on practical applications in biomedical and clinical research, serving the community’s interests, and ensuring the well-being and growth of its faculty and staff.

Driven by core values such as innovation, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to exemplary professionalism, SUMC consistently enhances its educational programs, research endeavors, and healthcare services to align with global benchmarks and expectations.

In 2010, with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, SUMC proudly became the pioneer in welcoming international students from the United States and Canada. By 2012, SUMC’s Clinical Medicine program had earned a prestigious spot among the top-ranked programs globally, as determined by the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) Analysis.

SUMC’s research endeavors have yielded an impressive collection of publications in esteemed journals, and the college has garnered numerous national-level awards. These accomplishments serve as a testament to SUMC’s consistent ascent in establishing a well-respected reputation for the quality of its scientific research.

SUMC Campuses and Facilities

Chairman of the Li Ka Shing Foundation and long-time benefactor of Shantou University, Mr. Li Ka-shing with SUMC students.

SUMC boasts the privilege of having two distinctive campuses. The first is the historic medical campus nestled in the heart of Shantou city, while the second is a contemporary campus shared with the main campus of Shantou University in the northeastern suburbs.

SUMC main campus

During the initial years of their academic journey, students immerse themselves in specialized training and research at the main university campus, strategically situated in the vibrant center of Shantou. This campus is equipped with a wide array of state-of-the-art facilities. Notably, both campuses boast extensive land areas, and students benefit from the convenience of regular and complimentary shuttle bus services, ensuring seamless mobility between the two campuses.

Sports and Entertainment Park designed by the renowned architect David Manica

One of the most recent additions to SUMC’s state-of-the-art facilities is the new SUMC teaching facility. It is located on the main campus and has been put to use by students.

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd., the state-of-the-art Medical Education Center houses modern classrooms, advanced research laboratories, and well-equipped computing rooms. Within these new facilities, you’ll also find cutting-edge features like the Simulated Medical Center and the Human Life Science Hall.

Notably, the Medical Education Center achieved international recognition by clinching the top spot in the International category of the biennial Architectural Ironmongery Specification Awards 2016/2017. This distinction marks a significant milestone, as it’s the first structure from China to receive such an esteemed award.

Where is SUMC Located?

SUMC finds its home in the coastal city of Shantou, nestled in the southeastern Guangdong province of China. This vibrant city boasts a population of approximately 5 million residents.

Located along the shores of the South China Sea, with Taiwan Island in its sightline, Shantou is a key city in the Chaoshan metropolitan region. It enjoys a strategic location, with close proximity to several major cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Hong Kong.

Shantou holds a special place in China as one of the original five Special Economic Zones, continuing to thrive as a vital harbor, economic hub, and a center for knowledge in eastern Guangdong. Beyond its economic significance, the city is renowned for its delightful subtropical climate, picturesque mountains, pristine islands and coastlines, delectable seafood, and a rich, distinctive local culture.

Shantou, China

Student Life at Shantou University Medical College

SUMC actively fosters a culture of student engagement by encouraging students to establish their own organizations and actively participate in a wide array of campus activities and community service initiatives. The university offers not only facilities and equipment but also financial support to empower these student-driven initiatives.

Among these student organizations, the Student Union takes a central role. It operates autonomously, championing the interests of students and delivering a diverse range of services to their peers. Additionally, SUMC boasts a vibrant tapestry of over 30 student associations and clubs. These groups are dynamic in organizing a plethora of extracurricular activities, infusing our campus life with vitality and enthusiasm.
Shantou University Medical College activitiesSUMC sees the value of engaging students in cultural activities, thus sponsoring The Campus Art and Culture Festival and The English Science and Technology Festival every year. The Campus Art and Culture Festival consists of competitions (dancing, singing, event hosting, calligraphy, painting, photography, dorm interior design, and skits), concerts, and talent shows.Shantou University Medical College activities

At SUMC, we actively promote student engagement in a range of field medical practice activities and volunteer medical services. Our commitment to community outreach is exemplified through three impactful charity programs: the National Hospice Program, Medical Aid for the Poor Program, and Rainbow Project, all initiated and generously supported by the Li Ka Shing Foundation. These initiatives have garnered widespread recognition and gratitude within local communities.

Engaging in community service not only allows our students to apply their academic knowledge to real-life human needs but also serves as a catalyst for developing heightened social awareness and a profound understanding of medical ethics.

Learn more about SUMC

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