Updated: Chinese Universities Still Open For September / October 2018 Intake

Time is very limited for applying for September intake. Many of the University deadlines have already passed.
But you can still apply to some top Chinese Universities. We have shared the list of these below.

Because space is quite limited and many students are applying now, we advise you to apply as soon as possible before the deadlines so not to miss the chance.

August Deadlines:
      – Deadline: August 25th

      – MBBS Program FULL NOW – no more spaces

– China Campus Network 
– Deadline: August 28th
– Popular for students who want to study bachelor’s or master’s in Chinese (with scholarship)

– Xidian University
Bachelor’s in Telecommunications Engineering with Huawei & ZTE *HOT* 
– Deadline: August 28th

– Harbin Institute of Technology
– *NEW* Bachelor’s in Cross Border E-Commerce with Scholarships *HOT*
– Deadline: August 30th

  – Deadline: August 30th
– Chinese Language Program FULL NOW – no more spaces

  – Deadline: September

  – Popular for Master’s

    – Deadline: September 1st


We suggest you apply as soon as possible at least 3 days before the application deadline in case some changes are needed from the documents.

Our service is free: we are funded by Universities, you just need to pay the application fee (Which is usually about 100-200 USD). This covers the cost of preparing your application form, visa and sending the documents to you in your home country. You can also fast track your application by ordering priority service (only an extra $100 USD or premium service (total the fee is $690 for multiple applications and no need to pay any additional application fee). To order one of our applications you just choose to add this during your application.

We hope we can help you realise your dreams!


11 responses to “Updated: Chinese Universities Still Open For September / October 2018 Intake

  1. Hey!
    Thank you so much for the information. I don’t know if I got the year wrong but I want to apply for 2019. So I still have some time 🙂 I will take a few additional courses this autumn semester in Norway at the University of Oslo. I will be done in December and I am interested in programs starting in autumn 2019.
    I am from Germany but live and study in Norway since 2014. I do speak German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.
    I am really interested in universities in the Shanghai area since my partner’s company has an office there and we might have the possibility to move to China together.
    I am interested in master programs that are research oriented and that include lots of laboratory work within biomedical sciences/molecular life sciences. I want to learn as many methods as possible 🙂
    I would also be very happy if I could learn Chinese at the University as part of my program or as an additional elective.

    I hope you can give me some advice on where and how to apply. What is important when applying in China? How is a master’s degree typically structured and how to choose the project/thesis? Which universitied have good cooperations and are renowned across the world.

    Best regards,
    Riccarda Schimanski

    1. Hello Riccarda, thanks for your message and sorry for the delayed reply.
      There arent so many biology programs in Shanghai but there are two programs that might interest you:
      Please check and let me know what you think. If you start your application and send us the application ID we can check for you

  2. Hello how are you ? I am Rabira from Ethiopia in last time I was apply for your PhD program .but it is difficult to pay now the payment please help me I am from developing country

    1. hello Sindzile, please choose the program and start your application here: apply.china-admissions.com
      Send us an email and let us know your application ID so we can check

  3. Hi I have sent a lot of documents but there is no response from you. due to payment I am from developing country so please help me

    1. sorry to hear that Rabira I’m afraid the university needs your application fee, otherwise your application can’t be processed

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